Arrayan Path – Chronicles of Light (2016) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Arrayan Path - Chronicles of Light - Album CoverArrayan Path have this uncanny knack to connect to you immediately and get you to continue listening to their tune. I am not exactly sure what causes this, but Chronicles of Light is certainly pretty powerful stuff, sprinkled with a lot of passion and authenticity. It is this extra kick that gets the reviewers attention for a record, even if the pipeline is desperately overflowing. Now, they just did exactly that to me with their 5th and newest album Chronicles of Light.

And it is this strange potion of Southern Mediterranean island-flavored metal that did the trick. And the fact that the heavy influence of the excellent IV: Stigmata, their 2013 album, still persistently lingers at the back of my mind. Of course, Arrayan Path join us from beautiful Cyprus and this saddles them with some brownie points already. Blynd be lauded for that with Liber Sum (totally different style, but same location and amazingly good). The island features a somewhat mysterious and pretty tight community, showing off different kinds of metal. This couples with a few jolly good studios that churn out good quality tunes.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!