Empty Trail – Bare (2016) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Empty Trail - Bare - Albume Cover

The RMR crew very rarely issue a full review for an EP. There are exceptions of course, but those are few and far between. A feat that the US-based multi-instrumentalist Rick Lambert of Empty Trail pulled off with his earlier 2014 record Hollow Hearted. And deservedly so, rugged quality and all.

This, of course, kept us interested in more rocky delights from this specific neck of the woods. And – lo and behold – here we are with new material ready to be reviewed.

Now, all things evolve and so does Empty Trail.

It is only in 2016 that the … [...] Click to raid more!

Newsflash: Zombie Rodeo is Cult Leader!

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Rockmusicraider Newsflash - Zombie Rodeo - Cult Leader - Album CoverHere I am unsuspectingly enjoying a lazy, sunny Saturday morning, kind of surfing around on the metal and rock waves sent to my review list by folks. And then – whoom! – the groove hits big time.

Welcome to the fuzzy, stoner-ish, grungy rock world of Zombie Rodeo. A band joining us from the cold North of Finland. Okay, it is not THAT much North, if compared to the real North. They’re hailing from Helsinki. But still, North enough.

The band will release their newest and fourth EP Cult Leader mid-November of this year. Some of that brew seems [...] Click to raid more!

Newsflash: Rattleplague – Bourbon in the mosh pit!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Rattleplague - Bourbon Scenes - Album ArtIt is three o’clock in the morning. You already sport this insane hunger for a steak with loads of fries, and with Bourbon to go. But at the same time, you feel an inhuman urge to go a-moshing for a while to end the party in style.

Well, food can wait.

For the rest, all you’ll need to do is to fetch Bourbon Scenes, the newest EP of the Finnish Rock and Metal band Rattleplague.

Just go ahead, pop in the disc and let ‘er roar. And I guarantee you that you will get both: The red meat and [...] Click to raid more!

Slap Betty – Nothing out of Nothing (2016) – Review

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Slap Betty Nothing out of Nothing

Fancy some real crunchy rock to go with your burger and beer? Well, try some Slap Betty from the Baltic Sea city Kemi in Finland and their newest item Nothing out of Nothing. Complete with hot, runny-nose sauce and sticky fingers. 

Their smoky, raspy brand of punkish Hard Rock with a metallic hue will certainly wake you up alright. And help with digestion too, ’cause you are gonna do a little dancing and headbanging once you start listening.

Looks like, at least for the time to record the disk, Slap Betty were able to keep track of their guitarist, and did not lose him somewhere [...] Click to raid more!