Newsflash: Swedish Endbite unleashed their newest 2016 album!

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Rockmusicraider Newsflash - Endbite - Decadent LifeIt’s a Decadent Life, the newest album just released this January 2016 by the Swedish rock band Endbite comes along in a refreshingly rocky gown. They project a real, down-to-earth, kind of old-school rock’n’roll, at times a bit Black Sabbath-ish in flavor. Often veering off onto Hard Rock territory, even getting a somewhat metallic tinge at times. All of this comes complete with some pretty serious soloing and riffing. Impressive that, keep it up, guys!

I laud their courage to include Reggae-style tunes into that rocky mix of theirs, which spices stuff up some. No dreadlocks detected yet, though. The electro-pop tracks in the album make my #metal soul cringe, but apart from that and overall Endbite got a very varied series of tracks to their fans, fresh and never boring. Got hooked? Raid this some more...