Xandria – Theater of Dimensions (2017) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Xandria - Theater of Dimensions - Album CoverThey did it. They finally dit it. Xandria managed to keep one of their female fronts a bit longer than for a felt stretch of one album only. So, here they again feature the classically trained Dutch singer Dianne Van Giersbergen on their second album in a row. And rightly so. Talented girl that she is, she can easily match a range from Tarja Turunen, over Floor Jansen and back to Simone Simons. And that means something.

As the band’s progression goes, already their last contribution Sacrificium was a step up the star-studded ladder of operatic glory. This makes you wonder where their latest and seventh full length record Theater of Dimensions will take us.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Xandria – Ravenheart (2004) – Review

First time I came across Xandria was with their second album 'Ravenheart'. Not sure what really got my interest going to be honest. Probably the unique style they displayed, a German band, singing in some sort delirious way - kind of electronic, poppy Gothic Rock, metal style.

Their style - or more their weird mix of styles - is somewhat addictive, growing on you with the fairy voice of their then lead singer Lisa Schaphaus (also called Lisa Middelhauve) right in the center.