Train – A Girl A Bottle A Boat (2017) – Review

RockmusicRaider Review - Train - A Girl A Bottle A Boat - Album CoverPortents, portents. They usually are legion when things start to go South seriously and are very visible to those willing to see. It is no different with Train, the formerly snarkily cheeky Californians, now seriously on their quest for cool, giddy happiness in all its sugary forms.

Their very own portents already came home to roost in their 2014 edition Bulletproof Picasso. Now that album got them some important flak – and deservedly so. Ironically, it actually blatantly missed the cool-boat and ended up on some whitewashed beach in nowhere land.

This obsession with coolness is nothing new by the way. It already worked them over when California 37 came out. And you know what? Indeed it was cool – more so than ever. This was the album that tried the mighty footsteps of Save Me, San Francisco – and beautifully succeeded.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Empty Trail – Bare (2016) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Empty Trail - Bare - Albume CoverThe RMR crew very rarely issue a full review for an EP. There are exceptions of course, but those are few and far between. A feat that the US-based multi-instrumentalist Rick Lambert of Empty Trail pulled off with his earlier 2014 record Hollow Hearted. And deservedly so, rugged quality and all. This of course kept us interested in more rocky delights from this specific neck of the woods. And – lo and behold – here we are with new material ready to be reviewed.

Now, all things evolve and so does Empty Trail. It is only in 2016 that the band released the début full length album Bare. The band still boasts this slightly Stoner-esque and – I daresay – grunge-infused brand of hot, sunshine-bleached desert rock. A cocktail served with just enough of a swagger to keep the interest levels up, order another beer and enjoy the tune whilst looking out over the reddish mesa.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Newsflash: Skallbank publishes their Singles!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Skallbank - Skallbank: The Singles - Album CoverAlready the cheeky start of their video Falsarium with the Kumbaya chanting weirdos wins this band a mention on the RockmusicRaider log-book of cool music videos. Just when my internal what-the-fuck emergency switch wanted to kick into action, this screaming rock piece started in earnest. I had to laugh so hard, when the sorry acoustic guitar was ripped out of this guy’s hand and the sound kicked out of the ground like a fucking rocket into space. Good one! But more to that later.

The culprits – the Swedish rock band Skallbank – like it rough and heavy. They present us with a pretty wild ride of five metal-infused rock tracks called Skallbank: The Singles. Stuff they produced steadily since the inception of the band in 2014. Their hefty, but somewhat punkish brand of rock gone AC/DC on steroids is pretty standard in many ways. However, the screamed vocals just add this much needed spice to make you want more. Add a ton of meaty riffs and stellar soloing to this rocky metal platter and you end up with a real tasty piece of work. I really liked what I heard. Let there be more. [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!