Newsflash: Denominate – New Album out in August!

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You know what is special with Denominate? They master this funky mix of a (somewhat) Melodic Death Metal style with a Progressive streak. Just when you want to switch off Those Who Beheld The End, the band injects these amazing hooks into their tune that make you stay on. Ending up in acoustic passages, like in Torments of Silence, leaving this metalhead confused and adrift. Until a blackened part kicks in, adjusting the course again into the right direction. Or in Terrestrial Funeral, where they get into a Heavy Metal fit with this strange, but stellar solo on top of all the riffing.

All this gallivanting around styles may not please all of the die-hard Death Metal fans. But so what? It for sure keeps this disc fresh and interesting right through to the end. With enough spice in their tune to render the usually somewhat morose Death Metal delivery into something thoroughly enjoyable.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!