The Rasmus – The Rasmus (2012) – Review

I was very worried about the not-so-stellar solo performance of Lauri Ylönen produced in his 2011 solo album 'New World'. This  sounded like some kind of a bad to worse development of former terrors, along the line of what we saw happening in 'The Rasmus' last record. But - to our good fortune - this did not happen in this new record.

The Rasmus – Black Roses (2008) – Review

Not sure if this is really good, shifting away from their former style into the Pop Rock arena, that is. And  some of my co-reviewers call this Hard Rock - LOL. To their credit, still some (but only some) of their metal sting that was more prevalent before has been sustained. But by and large the Finnish band 'The Rasmus' has landed a pretty good, but very gloomy next step in their career.

I was quite pleased to listen to some crunchier sound (well, in truth, only partly..) emerging in their 7th studio album 'Black Roses'.

The Rasmus – Dead Letters (2003) – Review

Well, Hells Bells? What is that style? Kind of pop rock, not quite metal, but still metal, but captivating enough to get my attention?

This is the Finnish band 'The Rasmus' with their lead singer Lauri Ylönen in charge of vocals. Well varied and well paced, perhaps a tad too roughly mixed and produced, but still good enough.

Heavily synthesized, the kind of style which I usually do not much appreciate, but then - wow - aggressive like hell in a certain way.