Thormesis – Trümmerfarben (2017) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Thormesis - Trümmerfarben - Album CoverA somewhat subtle hype was discernible lately in the closed confines of the Black Metal fan crowd. Like the odours of a black mass on the breeze, wafting through the morbid realms of a lonesome and foggy cemetery. A subtle wave of expectation that went on for a while. But now they are here: After some two years of wait, the German band Thormesis released their newest and fifth full length album Trümmerfarben. Of course, expectations were high after their last offering Freier Wille – Freier Geist. This album got pretty high marks throughout the board. And rightly so: A bit rougher around the edges, the latter does indeed generate a certain wow-effect right from the get go. Now, what about this newest album here?

Trümmerfarben first and foremost comes along as an ‘It Depends’ record!

Because it really depends on what support you happen to blast this disc off from. If you use yer high-end earphones with their pretty stellar power of separation, the sound quality is bearable. If – however – you use regular boxes then things might look differently. In short, on studio-grade equipment you will get all elements – more or less. Not so on normal gear.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!