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Dirge of the Archons, the 2016 record of Diabulus in Musica, was a pretty nice surprise to this crew. Coming from a band that we all thought were set in their merry ways. Never to turn away from their operatic heights.

But – luckily we found some added power and energy instead. And an unexpected turn into a much more metallic direction. A meaty crunch that was never present before, all over their then 10-year career.

Now, more change is in the air yet again.

A new album – Euphonic Entropy – is due to release in February 2020. And to celebrate, the band just released their newest video Otoi. A track sung in Basque dialect entirely. One with Zuberoa Aznarez on full duty again, after all those digressions with Tragul, Dark Sarah and their ilk.

Whilst – by its nature – folksy in nature, this track packs a pretty juicy punch, thanks to Gorka Elso and his welcome growls. Let’s just hope that the new record will continue in that vein. Not that we sink into the depths of sweetish terrors that Symphonic Metal bands like Nightwish ventured into lately.

But why not find out by yourself. Here’s Otoi, the newest concoction of DiM.


LabelNapalm Records | Web: Official Band Site

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