Video: Gwydion, Faun’s tale of trees and mystique!

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Faun - Gwydion - Video Cover

The RMR crew just covered Eluveities latest video that found highest praise from the review committee at our mighty office tower. But a short while earlier, Faun joined forces with the Swiss folk metallists for their video Gwydion. And this is – in and by itself – a stellar idea.

Faun are of course known for their pretty sumptuous video productions. You’ll always find a pretty snazzy storyline based on some mythical character or ancient legend. Albeit that lately, the band produced some avalanche of different clips that somehow muddied the waters. In other words, instead of just only honoring best picks, the band seemed to spend hard-earned dollars for pretty much everything with some promise.

Now, clearly, Faun realized that Gwydion here turned out to be one of the better ones on their newest piece. It’s thus no coincidence that the track appears at the #3 position on the tracklist of their new record Pagan. And for cause. The storyline bases itself on the legend of – Gwydion1), a Welsh legendary hero, most notably appearing in the Book of Taliesin on several occasions.

Faun have truly perfected the band-in-the-woods theme. And they do have that knack to find the right background for the story, just try their clip for Halloween, for instance. It goes of course without saying that their style positively calls out for video shoots in nature. And this time, the woods are THE fitting choice. Gwydion is the protagonist in the famed Battle of the Trees, again from the aforementioned Book of Taliesin. And that makes their choice to use Wold-Dieter Storl to represent the character a particularly good one. As the lore goes, he wrote about trees and is a (somewhat contested) specialist on all things woods, herbs, and nature. And that, together with the use of a group of Perchten, creates a sense of delicious mystique.

Now, the track itself is particularly well balanced. Laura Fella‘s high-pitched wails and the band’s subdued offerings hollered out there in the boonies seem to call forth that entity. Which then leads to the Eluveitie‘s entry into the fray. Starting with some mumblings, Chrigel Glanzmann then lets loose with some true Folk Metal brutality. And this leads to that much-needed counterweight to what would otherwise be a weak track.

So, in other words, you’ll find a pretty neat set of moving pictures that go well with one of the best tracks on Pagan. Now, go ahead and give some love to that pretty awesome clip.

Label: Pagan Folk Records | Web: Faun / Eluveitie
Release Date: 8 April 2022


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