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Ah, dope. Faun are gearing up for a new album in 2022, following their dreamy 2019 piece Märchen & Mythen. AND they are (finally) back with a fresh set of moving pictures.

The band is known for its pretty sumptuous productions, as in Feuer or Walpurgisnacht. Mini-movies that we’ll always prefer over the ubiquitous band-in-the-wilderness thing. And we’re hopeful that this clip here will lighten the load of the pretty mediocre offering of videos covered so far this long year of 2021.

But fear naught.

Halloween here pretty much adds another layer on top of what we got accustomed to with this band. The RMR crew relished the storyline, hints of magick, witchcraft, and rituals. And we really got a kick out of the Horned God (or something) that appeared in the midst of the action. This is all top cinematography, the way one would expect videos to reach our screens. And it comes in English language for a change.

As to the song, we’re a bit more reserved. A piece of Faun comfort food, radio-ready, and none too scary. All of that comes on a foundation not dissimilar to the former offerings that already appeared on film. It will sound great on stage, for sure, and it’s kinda tailor-made for a clip. And let’s hope that Pagan, the new record, will get us a bit more grit.

But the above notwithstanding, Halloween – the clip – made us come back for seconds a few times. This is one delicious piece of the arcane in movie format.

But why don’t you go ahead and check for yourself?

Ed’s note: And congrats, the piece made it onto the 2021 Top 3. Oh, and we also did a write-up on Gwydion.

Label: Pagan Folk Records | Web: Official Band Site
Release Date: 22 October 2021

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