The Conjurer, by Insomnium. Winter melancholy!

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Nothing and nobody has been able to really copy that typical Insomnium style. Nor should anybody, right? This muted cathedral sound, spiked with discreet symphonic elements. All of this usually delivers on smoothly flowing, soaring guitars – three of them actually – and Niilo Sevänen‘s stately growls. Plus a few cleans, just for spice.

We were already quite impressed with Heart Like a Grave back in 2019, a somewhat more assertive piece than the former ones. And the question is, what comes next?

Well, their new video The Conjurer does. If anything, the band didn’t jettison any of their trademark sound. Instead, they added a ton of melancholy on the backdrop of the ice-cold Finnish winter. A tale of love and pain, so we’re told.

Well, it sure looks like that this band didn’t sit idle during these times of the pandemic. Instead, they did what they do best. And this is producing a comfortable piece of Insomnium-style Melodic Death Metal. Only here, things drip with so much emotion, this almost qualifies as doom.

The clip itself expertly conjures that atmosphere of despair, quietly, with darkly ominous moving pictures. A clip so well done, you get the message without the music. Almost. But did you catch it? There’s one missing. Ville Friman didn’t make it to the shoot, because of the – pandemic.

But enough words, for now. Here’s to The Conjurer. And let’s hope we won’t have to wait too long for that new record. Right, Insomnium?

Ed’s note: Beware, there’s serious competition around. Try Moonshade.

Label: Century Media | Web: Official Band Site
Release Date: 19 March 2021

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