Johnny and his outlaws get Burned Alive!

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Johnny Nocash and The Celtic Outlaws - Burned Alive - Video Cover

The area around Toronto seems to spawn those down ‘n’ dirty rock bands. Halfway stuck between some punky country origins and Southern Heavy Rock, they kinda hack away at their trade as if they actually originate from somewhere further down towards the equator where the warmth dwells.

RMR already featured some of them from the cold shores of Canada. Gotta be the desolate stretches of downtown Toronto that does that to them. But hey, we appreciate it. Because we like to go where the rock is mean and the lyrics rough.

So, here we got Johnny Nocash and The Celtic Outlaws who try themselves at bourbon-fueled Heavy Rock that grinds along some Southern highway. Only here it’s almost an Old Milwaukee beer commercial that Pabst will probably thank them for. Or at least I hope so because it’s well done.

But let’s face it, the clip for Burned Alive is juicy fare. Once Johnny started to grate away, the deck crew here was pretty much sold. We’ll even forgive them for the guitar brutality that is openly displayed on film. And I got a kick out of the guitarist who churns out this juicy solo done for an electric axe on an acoustic guitar.

But it’s all booze, dope, cigarettes, and lots of all-male down-country fun, I get that. Now joking apart, all that abundant grit and juicy theatrics almost hide a true, rough-hewn rock song that is worthy to take note of.

Looks like the band comes away a bit from those deep protest songs they sported before. To some booze-fueled rock that will wet those dust parched throats that went dry from all that walkin’ about dirt roads. A style they called Celtic Death Country to boot.

But hey, here’s to Burned Alive. A video that we truly enjoyed. And let’s wait and see what this band will produce later on.

Label: Self-Released | Web: Official Band Site
Release Date: 28 October 2020

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