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It is true, you know. This channel is sorely in need of some genuine rock. True, we just covered Dirty Sound Magnet and their high-octane rock. But it looks nonetheless like metal and its nuances took over and started to rule our lives.

As always, whatever we cover should be a tune based on emotion. Not just these dime-a-dozen bass/snare affairs that putter through their existence without rhyme or reason.

Lexi Layne and her new video The Darkness Of Your Heart made an astonishingly abrupt appearance on our rock radar. Her pretty meaty rock style sports fledgling traces of a softer Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), and some Southern Rock influences with a few progressive vibes that stuck well with the RMR deck crew. The somewhat metallic solos that showcase on the track only add to the allure. In a nutshell, the track resembles a mellower Meka Nism with her Evanescence-esque tinge.

So, hey, we see promise going forward.

The video itself tells a pretty juicy story, and this is a good thing. We liked the artful setting and smooth execution. But these folks need to have a care that their style won’t go down the sorry road of pop and hip-hop. Next thing we know, they forget all about rock and start rapping away.

Oh, and somebody please tell the mighty film master that switching scenes every two seconds will only drive people nuts. And much worse, diminish the value this track – the music – undeniably brings to the table at the same time. This is not a fucking commercial.

As to Lexi Layne, I can’t wait to listen to her future offerings that will surely find their way into this review pipe. So, here’s to The Darkness of your Heart.

Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook
Release date: 28 November 2019

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