Video: Norwegian Reggaeton with Nanowar of Steel!

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The RMR deck crew is heading to the beach for a few days. So, we need to adapt our (so very metal) style, too. Beer, beach, girls and hot rhythms galore. Those that fit the sandy realm that even the fiercest metalhead must succumb to one day. Well, for a few days only, anything else would be so much blasphemy.

So, what better tune than the highly successful sound of Nanowar of Steel and their pretty cool metal parody video Norwegian Reggaeton. It’s so full of clichés that we almost died laughing. Whilst we packed up our bodyboards, pink shorts, and gaudy hats.

So, here’s to something so not metal, it should not even be on this blog. And yes, you purists. We agree, not ever. But hey, good intentions go down the drain quickest. And good inventions merit publication.


Only, how do we twerk when Black Metal is raging? That is a thorny question that will need answers too. After we come back from the sandy pool loaded with saltwater.

In Cervisia Veritas, or something.

See ya in a bit.

Ed’s note: Oh, and for those who think that this is too silly and it will hurt their metal karma, relief can be found here, here, and here.

Label: Self-Released | Web: Official Site
Release date: 2 July 2019

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