Video: SAATE unleash The Conjuring!

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The RockmusicRaider officescape is usually not too keen on publishing videos. More often than not, you get them YouTube clips working exaggerated theatrics, on a bed of low-fi MP3. And in tandem frequently hacked to death, like a killing by Freddy on a full moon night with atrocious camera work.

But hey, sometimes the mix just works. 

So happened with SAATE, a Swedish Metal band. Their newly released offering The Conjuring mixes sturdy metal musicianship with a tasty storyline. Nothing overdone or overwrought, yet the recipe to success is right on. I also relish the slight menace emanating from the clip, and rightly so. After all, they conjure up the demon and it is here to stay.

SAATE also display just the right cocktail of Power and Gothic Metal, plus a few nods towards Melodic and Progressive Metal. Their stated references to Dream Theater and InFlames do make sense to me. Then they throw in the staunch precision of Kamelot and the dark moods of Moonspell to make things complete.

Nothing new under the sun?

Quite so. But you need to savor the heavy, yet crisp metal feeling. This knack to present something we already know in a new refreshing robe. Add to that a little shredding artistry and a modern way to serve your metal.

The Conjuring is a savory piece of work. And I bet you, this band will go far, if this video is anything to go by. 

Here it is. Enjoy!

Label: Rockshots Records | Web: Facebook
Release date: 27 April 2018

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