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Yo, ye folk bands of the mighty earth-lore, take heed. A new and pretty promising band is on the prowl. One that might very well make you hang your head in shame in the future.

The RMR crew already covered Tvinna for their first video back in 2019. And since then, we’ve seen only scarce news from this emerging band.

But fear naught. Kreiz, their newest clip, just hit the airwaves beginning of December 2020. This time with guest artist Eivør from the Faroes1) in tow.

Yet here, things are a bit more Gaia than may be good for them. Or perhaps the influence of the label may just be a tad too visible. In other words, we perceive a certain closeness to the tribal sounds of Wardruna. Which – in turn – disrupts this folksy authenticity that Tvinna displayed so well before.

Just sayin’.

But then again, the finely chiseled storyline pretty much blows other biggies out of the water2). It is this subdued power that may very well be this little extra that will carry the band to future glory. Ethereal to a point, the somewhat water-laden3) clip really sports a strangely intense pagan beauty that their brethren in this area often fail to achieve.

In short, where others try to bludgeon you into submission with opulent theatrics, this video, and the tune that goes with it, quietly project this unity with anything natural. A fact that even the somewhat dreary set of colors cannot wash away.

But by and large, Kreiz is – yet again – an outstanding production. A storyline that speaks by itself, with a tune and moving pictures that act in perfect symbiosis.

If the video is any indicator, then the upcoming full-length will certainly get us something to remember. But until that happens, here is the clip:

LabelBy Norse | Web: Official Site
Release date: 4 December 2020


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