Within Temptation – The Unforgiving (2011) – Review

OK, I get it! Nothing is ever easy and change is a constant, as there is no such thing as a steady state in physical music creation. And it needs some courage to do the change-over that these guys have done. Like in radical and absolute. Nothing much left of Metal and Gothic or Symphonic, whilst there are some attempts to get back on track.

The 2011 album 'The Unforgiving' from Within Temptation is a totally new direction from what was before.

Within Temptation – Mother Earth (2000) – Review

Kind of changing direction, but still following the vein of its predecessor 'Enter', the year 2000 creation and 2nd full studio album 'Mother Earth' of the Dutch band 'Within Temptation' is an astonishing piece of work. Actually, the first release was in The Netherlands and then, following in the rest of Europe as of 2001.

Perhaps a bit too much in a hazy, tree hugger kind of style, but still very varied, with a few extremely good tracks in them. They called their new style 'Celtic' - Grrmph! - whatever in hell this might mean.

Within Temptation – Enter (1997) – Review

As I am in the 'Within Temptation' groove, let's stay there for a while. It would be a pity not to review the very first record 'Enter' they did back in 1997, just after the band officially assembled about a year earlier. This one was created just after the departure of Sharon den Adel from her usual work routine as a fashion designer, I kid you not. Smart girl, that - she apparently still designs her own outfits. I wish I could do that as well.

So, now they take off with this decidedly very high quality production.