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Find exciting details about music – Rock, Metal and Folk!

Discover stellar Reviews, stuff that bands are up to and the like. You have come to the right place for this! Any kind and flavor will usually do, but I will be selective. Music will only get on the blog, if it connects somehow. Check out some of the features around this site. The sidebar attached to this page will give you some hints as to where to go.

What else? Apart from the reviews on the main page, you will find a news section with select blurbs of stuff we came across and some editorials created for your reading pleasure. As you can imagine, Ze Rulez had to be established too, much to my dislike I might add. You can of course contact us at any time too, by the way!

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Getting reviews are always a great way to increase visibility to the fan crowd. But first: Read This! It is not the law, but it will help. And never forget that the review pipeline is constantly overloaded with stuff. Added to that are RockmusicRaiders‘s own ideas on coverage and all that voodoo competing to get on the blog quickly. With the added complication of limited time and resources. This sometimes feels like pounding a square peg into a round hole. I tell ya. If I may thus beg your indulgence for some patience, this would be appreciated.

Send promo requests to: rockmusicraider@rockmusicraider.com!

You can also get paid reviews, by the way. For pricing and options, go ahead and contact RockmusicRaider and thou shalt be informed. 

Who is Rockmusicraider?

I am a music adept and critic! This is what I thought at least until I started this blog. ‘Cause the more I progress and delve into this vast music universe, the less I seem to know. But hey, bigger brains than mine have made that experience already. But: Having Rock and Metal in my bloodstream and genes somehow, I acquired a lot of experience over time. And lovin’ it!! Could not live without my music and that is why musicians have my full and unending support.

And no, I am not a guitar or vocal genius, but for sure have a good ear to hear. And I do play some guitar, when the mood takes me there, but nothing to write home about. I leave this to the pros.

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