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Discover stellar reviews, stuff that bands are up to and the like. You have come to the right place for this! Any kind and flavor of rock, metal, or folk will usually do, but I will be selective. Music will only get on the blog if it connects somehow. Check out some of the features around this site. The sidebar attached to this page will give you some hints as to where to go.

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Yep, and that’s the law and fully approved by the upper echelon management layers at RockmusicRaider.

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What else?

Apart from the reviews and news on the main page, you will find some editorials and other stuff created for your reading pleasure.

As you can imagine, Ze Rulez had to be established too, much to my dislike. You can, of course, contact us at any time too, by the way!

And then we like to bitch about SEO, Site Management, and Blogging. 

Only sometimes, I promise.

And yeah, I know, we should not mix stuff. It should be either music or IT. Lest you confuse the mighty bots of the internet so that they will wreck your rating.

But what can I say?

It is sometimes stronger than us, and tales need to be told. Well, perhaps, one day we will see the light and separate this out into another, dedicated site. But not now.

So, forgive us, if you find non-musical content suddenly appearing. 

And who is RockmusicRaider?

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I am a music adept and critic! This is what I thought at least until I started this blog. ‘Cause the more I progress and delve into this vast music universe, the less I seem to know.

But hey, bigger brains than mine have made that experience already. But: By having Rock and Metal in my bloodstream and genes somehow, I acquired a lot of experience over time. Could not live without my music. And that is why musicians have my full and unending support.

And no, I am not a guitar or vocal genius, but I – for sure – have a good ear to hear. And I do play some guitar when the mood takes me there, but nothing to write home about. I leave this to the pros.

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This sometimes feels like pounding a square peg into a round hole. I tell ya. If I may thus beg your indulgence for some patience, this would be appreciated.

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A note to PR Agencies

It has come to my attention that some PRs are on a mission. Their Book of Rulez states that they will fight back against the perceived unfair attacks on their clients. And they do that the cheap way, by trying to induce shitstorms on social media. Some even think of killing someone or something, if people have the audacity to have a negative opinion about whoever they’re representing.

I am not making this up.

I have seen examples of reviewers strapped to the public pillory by those marketing experts. The old mantra of reviewing the reviewer, you know. Now, whilst I agree that some reviews may be questionable, marketing experts need to take great care not to bite the hand that feeds them with free material.

But ’nuff said. If you represent one of those agencies, don’t contact RMR.

Guest blogging, anyone?

If you are interested to become a guest blogger or an editor on RockmusicRaider, then feel free to contact us.

Now – as always and unfortunately – there are some rulez to this.


The rules established by management need to be followed at all times, lest your esteemed behind will be sent on its merry way. And also, no post will be published before da master gives it the nod.

As to the more stringent requirements, here are a few major rulez (apart from those we will invent on the spot):

  • Your work will be pro bono.
  • You are knowledgeable in heavy music, rock, and folk. A music industry background is always welcome, but no definite requirement.
  • For the record, we’re not looking for just any type of guest blog. And we – for sure – don’t need more posts, any posts actually. So, behold spammers and scammers, you will either be ignored or exposed on a fully indexed page. Whatever it is that strikes our fancy first.
  • If you already run a music blog like RMR, don’t come. It’s that conflict of interest thing, y’know. To muddy the waters a bit, we may make exceptions, though. But none too often.
  • RockmusicRaider is a fiercely apolitical music blog. So, no such messaging is allowed on the platform or in the name of the blog. To learn more, read this, specifically the part dealing with politics and stuff.

There are more, of course. But we’ll keep that for later.

Still interested? Don’t be a stranger and get with us.

For online marketing agencies seeking to place paid guest posts:

Please understand that there is a shitload of scammers out there, so we will be very careful in even reacting to you. Also, keep in mind that thinly veiled foreign content just called ‘guest blog’ or similar will be severely frowned upon.

If your contact link and data look spammy, the details given don’t pan out or if we have the slightest doubt about your integrity, we will block you. Or report you, depending on how bad the sins are, perceived or real.

Google and others do not take kindly to paid outbound links and procured backlinks. Thus, whilst we might (just might) entertain the idea of a serious cooperation, it must always be strategic and connected straight to the subject matter. And this is currently the music industry and entertainment at large. With subjects about blogging and SEO as a close second.

Banned outright are connections to porn, drugs, weapons, gambling, and politics. So, no naked asses or Trump news – good or bad – on this site, nor any relations to it.

If – however – your interest is to place properly labeled promoted content related to the blog’s main mission, then – again – do feel free to contact us