The Pillory! Scammers, Spammers, and other Nitwits!

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Last updated on 30 April 2021

They seem to crawl out of every nook and cranny of the smelly internet. Like cockroaches, the scammers and spammers emerge after dark to attack you and your machine or website. Any computer or site, of any kind and couleur.

Phishing, code injection, outright fraud, or blocking your work. Whatever dumb fancy these guys like to follow.

We get our fair share of this kind of miscellaneous bullshit, too. You know, from creatures that won’t stick to rulez or guidelines. And as we have fun writing stuff, the RMR deck crew decided to create a pillory.

So that all those dumb fucks can showcase their highly illegal wares. On a fully indexed page, no less. Accessible by the public at large. Including enforcement agencies, and whoever else is curious enough to browse through here.

Cool, huh? Yeah, we think so, too. RockmusicRaider strikes back, that kind of thing. The attack of the Death Star all over again, have Darth Vader on your side for once. But let’s not get carried away and instead hack away at all those undesired findings.

And here’s a fun fact: Since we started this page, the scammers and spammers dwindled to a wee trickle. Looks like word got out that this page is – indeed – indexed. They don’t seem to like us very much anymore.


Meanwhile, here are some of our findings.

April 2021

15 April 2021 – Ghana Shippers Authority – Extortion Scam

  • Illegal: Yes. And once the extortion scam hits ye, definitely.
  • Vector: Email
RockmusicRaider Pillory - Ghana Shippers Authority Scam

Okay, the Ghana Shippers’ Authority does actually exist. But Isaac here doesn’t. And I am a bit confused by his alter-ego called Sabina. Because the email originates from Italy, no less. Which is not quite surprising if I look at the situation in that country.

And then, the wording of the piece had me rolling on the floor. A special cargo containing investment fund, deposited in a warehouse in Ghana. Wow. A container-load of dollars, perhaps? Then we get to the time element. So, stuff was deposited “…for over five.” Five what? Five hours, years? Five minutes of pain, decades, the five musketeers? Ah no, the latter were only three, then four. Which is already confusing enough.

Then they seek to “…relocate the consignment to your nominated destination…” with the “…kind cooperation of the owner…”. Woohoo! The ‘kind’ mafia looking for mules? I think not. These guys have other means to find trusty staff. No need for them to scour the internet for manpower by sending spam emails to music blogs, don’t you think?

But joking apart, this is – most probably – a serious extortion scam. And it will usually go like this: Once you made contact, someone will revert to you. First with a confirmation. Then suddenly, they’ll ask for 5K of neatly folded greenbacks. So that they can start wiring the money.

And once you sent that, nada. Gone. So, don’t go there. Ever.

March 2021

22 March 2021 – Phishing Scam – Dave Boss

  • Illegal: Yes
  • Vector: Contact Form
RockmusicRaider Pillory - Dave Boss Backlink Indexer

They’re funny. An email address coming in from the questionable ‘*’. You know, this French organization that offers temporary emails to everybody and sundry. They claim that they are an ‘anti-spam organization’, and that’s even funnier.

So, here we have Dave Boss boasting a solution to all your backlinking woes, from a Russian site no less. Yet, nobody really needs a backlink indexer, it’s a pretty useless SEO tool. Unless you are Black Hat SEO again, and then this has a different meaning altogether. Yet here, the link points to something called ‘shavedgals’, not quite the name we expected from an indexing service. And the link takes off to destinations unknown, thanks to Miniurls. So, no, this ain’t a happy Boss-man we would want anything to do with. Begone.

“Davie’s on the roaaad again…” Or, more on the highway to nowhere. Just sayin’.

17 March 2021 – Linking Scam – Black Hat SEO

  • Illegal: Never in life, but stupid, yes.
  • Vector: Contact Form
RockmusicRaider Pillory - Bad Link SEO

Well, Bella here is trying to pull a fast one on poor old RMR. Google & Co. don’t take kindly to that kind of link scheme. If found out, it will get you banned so quickly, you won’t know what’s hit ye. We discussed this issue already in an SEO article on bad linking practices. And I will never understand how these people think we actually need more posts. As in moar, like. From sources that don’t fit into a music blog to boot.

Go figure!

January 2021

19 January 2021 – Hosting Renewal – Phishing Scam

  • Illegal: Yes
  • Vector: Contact Form
RockmusicRaider Pillory - New Hosting Phishing Scam

Somebody trying to lure me away from my hosting by throwing coupons at me? Aha. Ah, but first, who am I talking to exactly? A hosting company with no website? Selling things like ‘Best Value Web Products’. Thanks, that’s some staggering value proposition. Well, there’s a lot of questions for and they should be asked. Only, never ever click on that link. It will not end well.

06 January 2021 – Richard Wahl Phishing Scam

  • Illegal: Yes
  • Vector: Contact Form
RockmusicRaider Pillory - Richard Wahl Phishing Scam

Well, where to begin. This scam is so old, it almost stinks. Richard Wahl did indeed win the lottery. But he isn’t distributing his monies. Instead, an army of scammers has taken over and tries to extort their victims. I am truly not sure who in his or her right mind would latch on to this, but – apparently – it works. And who would trust a website that call itself literally ‘no-site’? I rest my case. Meantime, let’s all send mails to and ask for a few million. In cash, in an unmarked leather bag. That would be fun, right?

November 2020

05 Nov 2020 – Canadian Google Docs Scam

  • Illegal: Yes, once the scam starts
  • Vector: Contact Form
RockmusicRaider Pillory - Canadian religious nut Google Docs scam

I almost laughed when I saw that one. At the outset, there does not seem to be much amiss. Apart from some Canadian conspiracy nut meandering from bizarre Covid allegations to total religious fervor. What can I say? Thick as a brick comes to mind. And probably in cahoots with these two bozos.

But, did you spot the scam? Right, it’s there in front of you. To the right of the ‘website’ opener, you’ll find a link to a Google Docs page. So, it’s not a website at all, it’s an edit page. At the end of the day, this is phishing, and not a very elegant attempt. Older versions of the scam were killed quickly by Google. Albeit that there’s a new one out there that downloads a key logger.

No clicking here. Shawna baby is a fraud.