The Pillory! Scammers, Spammers, and other Nitwits!

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They seem to crawl out of every nook and cranny of the smelly internet. Like cockroaches, the scammers and spammers emerge after dark to attack you and your machine or website. Any computer or site, of any kind and couleur.

Phishing, code injection, outright fraud, or blocking your work. Whatever dumb fancy these guys like to follow.

We get our fair share of this kind of miscellaneous bullshit, too. You know, from creatures that won’t stick to rulez or guidelines. And as we have fun writing stuff, the RMR deck crew decided to create a pillory.

So that all those dumb fucks can showcase their highly illegal wares. On a fully indexed page, no less. Accessible by the public at large. Including enforcement agencies, and whoever else is curious enough to browse through here.

Cool, huh? Yeah, we think so, too. RockmusicRaider strikes back, that kind of thing. The attack of the Death Star all over again, have Darth Vader on your side for once. But let’s not get carried away and instead hack away at all those undesired findings.

And here’s a fun fact: Since we started this page, the scammers and spammers dwindled to a wee trickle. Looks like word got out that this page is – indeed – indexed. They don’t seem to like us very much anymore.


Meanwhile, here are some of our findings. Not all of them, mind you, we got more pressing things to do.

November 2021

14 November 2021 – Step Up Learning – Scam

  • Illegal: In many countries, spam is illegal. So, yes.
  • Vector: Email
  • RockmusicRaider Pillory - Step Up Admin - Hot Video

    Oh! Someone wants to amuse the RMR crew with a hot video. A HOT video! Feels all steamy suddenly over hear in our snazzy office suite. But wait a minute! There’s a thing called Step Up Learning involved. Ah, damn. And the communication talks about registering to something. Which – alas – we didn’t do. So, it’s yet again one of those spam things. And I have a hunch it will turn into full-blown phishing once you hit the link. So, no. No hot video this time, it’s a truly harsh world out there.

    October 2021

    2 October 2021 – Scam

    • Illegal: Yes, spam it definitely is. Not sure what happens once you hit the link.
    • Vector: Contact form
    RockmusicRaider Pillory - Scam

    Well, Rose, I mean, George. What’s your name by the way? Rose wanting to be George? Hells bells, we’re going deep today. And then you want to work for free? Free, that really talks to me. Now you got me interested in more ways than one, Rose/George. Or – well – maybe not.

    And you have no website? Not good, that would have been the perfect place to shine. But now, you’d like me to click on a scam link, George. Ain’t gonna happen.

    So, Rose, do you still want to teach RMR how to reduce images? Or – wait for it – reduce ‘WordPress server costs’? I love that one. There are no such costs. WP is a free CMS (I hope you know what that means) and servers sit somewhere else and they host the site. But I digress, George. You are the SEO expert, and you’ll know best, right?

    So, Rose, why not start your free work trial at the mighty RMR office suite and dance for us. We’ll even put a pole up for ya. Or – perhaps – you are George now, and you don’t like poles. Oh, and do explain that thing about ‘WordPress managed Cloud Servers’. Or that we don’t have anything to do, but then you will walk us ‘through the whole process’. We’re so confused now.

    Amuse us, will ya? 😂 đŸ€Ł

    September 2021

    14 September 2021 – Erik Santana Takeover Scam

    • Illegal: Spam is illegal. We’re still waiting for the scam, but I guess this will follow if we voice our interest.
    • Vector: Contact form
    RockmusicRaider Pillory - Erik Santana Takeover Scam

    Behold, somebody would like to ‘pay good price’ for good ol’ RMR. Ha, sweet. Only, Erik (or Joe, Boris, Evgenyi – whatever this guy’s name is) states that we did not update the site often. I am not sure what they mean by that, but updated it is for sure in various ways. And often, too.

    Then, go ahead and check out the website on the communication. Well, back in 2011, Eric Santana apparently was a DJ, and he left his outdated page to roam unchecked. This means that crooks like Erik can use that name in vain and without any fear of retribution. The IP our Erik attacks from resolves to Jerusalem in Israel. Yet, the website goes to somewhere in the Netherlands.

    Hot damn, Erik, now I had my hopes up. But fishy you ruined it for me. Meantime, let’s all send emails to one and ask what this master SEO marketer is up to these days.

    August 2021

    22 August 2021 – Universal School of Aviation Scam

    • Illegal: Yes, in more ways than one. And we didn’t even get to the scam yet.
    • Vector: Email
    RockmusicRaider - Universal School of Aviation Scam

    Indeed. The Universal School of Aviation in Lagos does exist. Apparently. Only RMR is a music ‘zine and no air transportation management company. And besides, I have no need to move to Nigeria for some fun time, just sayin’. Also, nobody here at our vast office tower sent an admission request. And nobody called Redes works here. Apart from the small fact that we don’t do ‘negocios’. Oh, and did I mention it? The sender reaches us from the Dominican Republic, which is half a world away from the world-renowned Nigerian aviation school. Ahem, no, aviation transportation school thing. Hells bells, now I’m confused.

    But never mind. I guess the moment you reply, somebody will call in to steal yer hard-earned cash. But it ain’t happening here.