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01 Sep 2020 – Amazon Phishing Scam

  • Illegal: Yes
  • Vector: Email
RockmusicRaider Pillory - Amazon Phishing Scam

Credit crad bill, huh? I am not quite sure how many people these misfits think to catch with one of the most obvious scams. And sent to an account that connects to nothing near Amazon. It’s one of the most careless attempts we have seen over time, one that insults my intelligence.

And they do that on an Amazon account in about the dumbest fashion possible. Amazon don’t take kindly to people using their trademark illegally. And they got a ton of dough for legal eagles to crawl about your sorry ass to make you miserable if they find fault.

Darwin award, anyone?

April 2020

9 Apr 2020 – Famagic Marine Phishing Scam

  • Illegal: Yes
  • Vector: Email
RockmusicRaider Pillory - Scam Attempt - Famagic Singapore

Ah, free money. Who would not want free money, right? Well, the address in Singapore indeed hosts marine agents. Only, no Famagic. Prettily done, something that may fool many an unsuspecting victim. I hope for these scammer assholes’ sake that the authorities in Singapore will never get wind of this. They take no prisoners.

And, the scam includes a .jar extension. Those are used for Java file type zips, meaning for applications containing code. So, never ever click on those if you are not damn sure where they come from or what they do. If you click on them anyway, a visit to Hel’s dominion might seem like a stay on a Caribbean beach by comparison. If things go wrong, that is.