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July 2021

20 July 2021 – Scam Alert – PayPal Router

  • Illegal: Yes, impersonating a company is a crime. But wait for the scam.
  • Vector: Email
RockmusicRaider Pillory - PayPal Scam

Well, Joey here maneuvered himself in a real pickle. PayPal will not take kindly to that kind of scam. And they’re pretty big. And who in their right mind might ever fall for that? Because the email address is and it ain’t PayPal nor is it Joey. Hot damn, who would have thought? And I’m sure, once I call the number above to ‘cancel the order’, some Indian-sounding guy with an American name will respond. Yep, from India, like the Covid variant. There’s a whole industry of scammers out there around Calcutta and Delhi. And they’ll steal your money quicker than you think. So, have a care.

June 2021

03 June 2021 – Scam Alert –

  • Illegal: Yes, if you call spam illegal. But wait until they hit you with the scam.
  • Vector: Email
Rockmusicraider Pillory - David Parker Weboptimizes Scam

Some of them know no shame. This site doesn’t even operate. So, these folks don’t pretend, they count on people being dumb. Funny, how they always have those generic English names. David Parker is one of them. Well, I have news for them, email is, and we leave it out in the open for bots to find. I’ve seen lots of reports of those scam factories in India, and this one smells just like on of them.

Oh, and in case you’re curious, this text is just pure bullshit. They didn’t even take time to analyze a thing. It’s commonly called throwing shit at the wall and see what sticks. Well, RMR doesn’t. Take that, scammer!

April 2021

15 April 2021 – Ghana Shippers Authority – Extortion Scam

  • Illegal: Yes. And once the extortion scam hits ye, definitely.
  • Vector: Email
RockmusicRaider Pillory - Ghana Shippers Authority Scam

Okay, the Ghana Shippers’ Authority does actually exist. But Isaac here doesn’t. And I am a bit confused by his alter-ego called Sabina. Because the email originates from Italy, no less. Which is not quite surprising if I look at the situation in that country.

And then, the wording of the piece had me rolling on the floor. A special cargo containing investment fund, deposited in a warehouse in Ghana. Wow. A container-load of dollars, perhaps? Then we get to the time element. So, stuff was deposited “…for over five.” Five what? Five hours, years? Five minutes of pain, decades, the five musketeers? Ah no, the latter were only three, then four. Which is already confusing enough.

Then they seek to “…relocate the consignment to your nominated destination…” with the “…kind cooperation of the owner…”. Woohoo! The ‘kind’ mafia looking for mules? I think not. These guys have other means to find trusty staff. No need for them to scour the internet for manpower by sending spam emails to music blogs, don’t you think?

But joking apart, this is – most probably – a serious extortion scam. And it will usually go like this: Once you made contact, someone will revert to you. First with a confirmation. Then suddenly, they’ll ask for 5K of neatly folded greenbacks. So that they can start wiring the money.

And once you sent that, nada. Gone. So, don’t go there. Ever.

March 2021

22 March 2021 – Phishing Scam – Dave Boss

  • Illegal: Yes
  • Vector: Contact Form
RockmusicRaider Pillory - Dave Boss Backlink Indexer

They’re funny. An email address coming in from the questionable ‘*’. You know, this French organization that offers temporary emails to everybody and sundry. They claim that they are an ‘anti-spam organization’, and that’s even funnier.

So, here we have Dave Boss boasting a solution to all your backlinking woes, from a Russian site no less. Yet, nobody really needs a backlink indexer, it’s a pretty useless SEO tool. Unless you are Black Hat SEO again, and then this has a different meaning altogether. Yet here, the link points to something called ‘shavedgals’, not quite the name we expected from an indexing service. And the link takes off to destinations unknown, thanks to Miniurls. So, no, this ain’t a happy Boss-man we would want anything to do with. Begone.

“Davie’s on the roaaad again…” Or, more on the highway to nowhere. Just sayin’.