Video: Maziac’s Acid Malaise!

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Maziac - Acid - Video Cover

Maziac‘s last EP Permutations seriously got on our good side. The UK-based band truly excelled in this mix somewhere between Heavy Rock and Progressive Metal. A short yet intensive demonstration of that band’s already impressive musical prowess.

Now they’re on the prowl again with a new video to boot. Acid gets us another highly technical track of pretty masterful prog mixed with Heavy Rock. It’s – in itself – a typical Maziac creation and a straight continuation from their former piece.

The clip with its downturned orange-colored and cartoon-styled action is a funky one, though. Some sort of a … [...] Click to raid more!

Video: The Art of Kintsugi, by Moonlight Haze!

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Moonlight Haze - Kintsugi - Video Cover

RMR covered Moonlight Haze‘s newest album Animus some time ago. One of the Power Metal surprises of 2022 that clearly took a hike up quality lane.

And speaking about quality. The band recently released a new clip for Kintsugi, one of the quieter tracks on their record. And interestingly, it is not super-charged cinematography that piqued our interest this time, but the execution of the theme.

You see, Kintsugi – the name of the clip – describes the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with – as the lore goes – a mix containing precious metals. In other … [...] Click to raid more!

Video: Gwydion, Faun’s tale of trees and mystique!

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Faun - Gwydion - Video Cover

The RMR crew just covered Eluveities latest video that found highest praise from the review committee at our mighty office tower. But a short while earlier, Faun joined forces with the Swiss folk metallists for their video Gwydion. And this is – in and by itself – a stellar idea.

Faun are of course known for their pretty sumptuous video productions. You’ll always find a pretty snazzy storyline based on some mythical character or ancient legend. Albeit that lately, the band produced some avalanche of different clips that somehow muddied the waters. In other words, instead of just only … [...] Click to raid more!

Video: Aidus, a Brush with the Arcane, by Eluveitie!

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Eluveitie - Aidus - Video Cover

After Ategnatos hit in 2019, the RMR crew here deplored the increasingly commercial posture Eluveitie took. And after that, a long time of much nada followed that full-length album.1) If you ignore the occasional appearance of da master in somewhat strange productions, that is.

Now, much to my surprise, we saw Chrigel Glanzmann and his gang cooperate on Faun’s piece Gwydion2) not that long ago. And that action added much-needed spice to an increasingly listless production of the German folk artists. But I digress, this would be fodder for another review.

Now, Aidus here is the complete … [...] Click to raid more!