Infanteria – Patriarch (2022) – Review

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Infanteria - Patriarch - Album Cover

Thrash Metal and RMR. That’s always been a testy relationship, to say the least. An uneasy experience of ear-splitting ‘yeah’ screamers. A genre populated by masses of he-men who rush through their metal without thought to good songwriting. Or anything actually, apart from playing fast ‘n’ loud without regard to speed limits that could lurk along the way.

But for some, the genre worked out just dandy. And those are the ones that still fill stadiums to this day, even if some of them are way past their due date. Yet, those very same masters of the trade also needed … [...] Click to raid more!

Tranzat – Ouh La La (2022) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Tranzat - Ouh La La - Album Cover

At RMR we believe in the trve power of cover art. It can generate bouts of clairvoyance or feisty comments, whichever comes first. Or both, with any further careless and dangerously politically incorrect appendices you might want to add for good sport.1) It can also be the sole reason to purchase an album, believe it or not. Jump into that misty sonic void with reckless abandon? Quite so.

Tranzat here did this to us. Or more precisely, the cover for their strangely named new record Ouh La La is the actual culprit. So, whilst we looked in shock at … [...] Click to raid more!

Amoth – The Hour of the Wolf (2022) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Amoth - The Hour of the Wolf - Album Cover

Amoth just embarked on a mission of the age-old hunter-killer, a cliché that thrives on innocent victims. Dive into a world of toothy and sharp-clawed monsters in search of scarcely clad damsels to distress to no end. Pulp fiction on vinyl that comes with a full moon and a gazillion hues of purple. The taste of the ’80s beckons you with a tale of gore and damnation. A full bodysuit might be in order, though. Cheese and blood stains are difficult to remove from your nightgowns. Just sayin’.

The RMR crew last came across that Finnish band way … [...] Click to raid more!

Wilderun – Epigone (2022) – Review

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Wilderun - Epigone - Album Cover

If there’s one band out there that surprised us every time they issued a record, it’s Wilderun. At first, it is always that slightly nauseating feeling of indifference. Yet another metal record that gets sent way back into the review pipe, to wait for another chance. Only to find that after the fifth listen or so, the record will finally reveal some multi-layered goodness that will prove irresistible. A fil-rouge that’s very apparent in both Sleep1) and Veil2), both of which found highest praise in the end.

Now, Epigone here pushes this concept to the limit. … [...] Click to raid more!