StormbounD – December (2022) – Review

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Do you know what’s unfair? Any Israeli band with sympathies for the metal genres of the light on their flag will have the bar to success set at an impossible height.

Let’s face it, there’s real excellence in the Levant, a true hotspot for Gothic, Progressive, Melodic, and Symphonic Metal. And Israel fared extremely well in this realm so far. All a bit underrated still, but the European powerhouses of those genres got serious competition. And StormbounD here just threw themselves into the fray as an eager contender.

Moving goalposts or just highest standards? Take a seat at the judges’ … [...] Click to raid more!

Video: The Art of Kintsugi, by Moonlight Haze!

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Moonlight Haze - Kintsugi - Video Cover

RMR covered Moonlight Haze‘s newest album Animus some time ago. One of the Power Metal surprises of 2022 that clearly took a hike up quality lane.

And speaking about quality. The band recently released a new clip for Kintsugi, one of the quieter tracks on their record. And interestingly, it is not super-charged cinematography that piqued our interest this time, but the execution of the theme.

You see, Kintsugi – the name of the clip – describes the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with – as the lore goes – a mix containing precious metals. In other … [...] Click to raid more!

Moonlight Haze – Animus (2022) – Review

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Public Service Announcement: You’re about to step into the slippery realm of molten cheese and sugary power. A land where bright colors and shampooed beings of light happily coexist. So, fearless one, enter at your own peril, RMR will not be responsible for any rise in cholesterol levels or accidents on slippery metal surfaces. You have been warned.

Since Chiara Tricarico left Temperance, her new outfit Moonlight Haze kinda hovered out there in a far orbit around the RMR planetary system. Just out of sight but always still audible, like that damned radio barking away in the next room. … [...] Click to raid more!

Amoth – The Hour of the Wolf (2022) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Amoth - The Hour of the Wolf - Album Cover

Amoth just embarked on a mission of the age-old hunter-killer, a clich√© that thrives on innocent victims. Dive into a world of toothy and sharp-clawed monsters in search of scarcely clad damsels to distress to no end. Pulp fiction on vinyl that comes with a full moon and a gazillion hues of purple. The taste of the ’80s beckons you with a tale of gore and damnation. A full bodysuit might be in order, though. Cheese and blood stains are difficult to remove from your nightgowns. Just sayin’.

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