Dismal – Via Entis (2023) – Review

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One of the major stepping stones to a great record is a pristine production. No friggin’ doubt about it. But methinks that a number of bands didn’t quite catch that one yet. And when this juicy little detail is overlooked, then lackluster things like this one and this one happen. And that’s often a pity. Because all the good ideas are usually right behind the curtain, only they won’t quite come out and shine.

And these records often feel like a confused circus hiding its very own performers. So, what’s it gonna be with the folks over at Dismal? … [...] Click to raid more!

Video: Breath, or the lack thereof. By Rioghan!

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Rioghan - Breath - Video Cover

Pretty much one year ago, Rioghan appeared on our radar with her 2021 blurb Blackened Sky. The RMR crew was greatly impressed by the insane talent on display from someone so young. So, our valiant scouts kept a sturdy lookout for that first album that certainly should drop at some point.

And indeed, Different Kinds Of Losses has been announced for later in 2022.1) This is splendid news. Apart from the apparent involvement of one Einar Solberg, whose new-found style clearly didn’t garner any brownie points over here.2) At all. Let’s just hope that those annoying … [...] Click to raid more!

Gehenna or Paradise? Illumenium’s pathway to fame.

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From time to time, the RMR crew stumbled across tall tales told about the Estonian band Illumenium. An outfit chiefly famous for hawking their wares aggressively on windy street corners and in malls all around Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. But less so for outstanding musicianship and top-notch performance.

Their sales strategy admittedly stems from a desire to beat that vile capitalist commercialization through big corporations. And, as the lore goes, they’ll continue with their business strategy, regardless of legality and from the underground if necessary. It’s all about that time-worn stereotype that promoters, managers, producers, and their minions are … [...] Click to raid more!