Stargenesis – Distress Call From Earth (2023) – Review

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Stargenesis - Distress Call From Earth - Album Cover

In early 2023 a big splash was recorded out of the swampy depths of our review pipe. Stargenesis just crashlanded in the midst of all those slithering creatures covered with age-old muck. As a good earth-bound galactic starship must, in a way.

And to our very own distress, 83 minutes of airtime just revealed themselves. Will those bands ever learn or don’t they just care? You see, it’s awfully difficult to forge some decent record out of so much material and NOT lose the audience in the process. So, what will we find? Total overload of ever-returning tedious tropes or … [...] Click to raid more!

Arrayan Path – Thus Always to Tyrants (2022) – Review

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Arrayan Path - Thus Only To Tyrants - Album Cover

2022 was a pretty proliferate year for Power Metal. A remarkable number of records made it onto our review roster, some with pretty excellent fare, others – well – didn’t quite convince.

So, into this lusty fray, Arrayan Path decided to add yet another of their records. The RMR review committee actually vowed to abandon the quest to wring some sense out of this band’s musings. You know, those Power Metal folks from Cyprus that will drive Kiske to tears with their cheese-dripping fare.

Now, the 2020 piece The Marble Gates to Apeiron didn’t quite impress us1)[...] Click to raid more!

IATT – Magnum Opus (2022) – Review

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IATT - Magnus Opus - Album Cover

Every year you get those bands that once arrived in good order in our inbox for further treatment. Only to be surpassed time and again by other records. And this for no particularly good reason. Or at least that is what we thought.

Now, late (very late) in the year, the RMR recovery team rummaged about the dregs of undead records way down in that overheated section of our musty review pipe. And IATT‘s1) Magnum Opus finally crawled out from under a few others and made itself known to us.

And that’s a good thing. Because you’ll get … [...] Click to raid more!

Osyron – Momentous (2022) – Review

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Osyron - Momentous - Album Cover

Who can resist a record that features someone called Percival? We couldn’t. Promises of old lore with Peredur1) and King Arthur. Misty sagas of even mistier origins lost in the tunnels of time.

But that wasn’t the only attribute that lured us into faraway Canadian lands. It’s Osyron‘s feisty and harsh brand of Progressive Metal that piqued our attention, too. Same as a few other bands of similar ilk that crossed our hawse earlier this year.

Epic battles to rip the genteel Hakens of this world to shreds for sport or a band lost in that horrible labyrinth … [...] Click to raid more!