Negative Vortex – Tomb Absolute (2022) – Review

Negative Vortex - Tomb Absolute - Album Cover

I always wondered what I liked better. Brutal, harsh Death Metal, or just vile and terrible Black Metal. And the answer is, it depends. After all, both genres hunt in the same or similar corners of the metal’s smelly underbelly. Yet, quite often, Death Metal gives a songwriter much better traction for all sorts of debaucheries. And whilst the blackened folks are steeped in tradition and self-inflicted rules,1) the deathly ones can let loose any which way they choose. Yet again, some of them forgot that just brutalizing the audience like some abominable monstrosity may not necessarily lead to … [...] Click to raid more!

De Profundis – The Corruption of Virtue (2022) – Review

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De Profundis - The Corruption of Virtue - Album Cover

Ah, we’re late again, so late. Work life at RMR starts to feel like Twitter these days. Not enough staff to keep the lights on, and we didn’t even fire anybody (yet). Because if we would, nobody would be left. So, the staff over here at the RMR office tower just slaves on in dogged resignation which leads to a smokin’ mountain of pent-up anger. So, there’s nothing better than some furious demolition delivered with some red-hot metal. And these are exactly the kind of meds everybody needs over here.

And down we plunged into the overheated review pipe to … [...] Click to raid more!

Slaughter the Giant – Depravity (2022) – Review

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Slaughter The Giant - Depravity - Album Cover

If there’s a most unlikely metal genre to evolve further, it’s Death Metal. It’s often the same old traditional beat that will get those old metalheads all excited. Bands going full-speed melancholia DM do still appear to this day. And they’re welcome over here more often than not.1) But that section of the deathly ones already got a lot of coverage and there’s only so much we can report. So, where’s that wind of change, those new vibes that would excite us to no end?

Well, luckily, we got ourselves new bands that will take their art to a … [...] Click to raid more!

Inhuman Condition – Rat°God (2021) – Review

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Inhuman Condition - Rat°God - Album Cover

I know. We just gave Inhuman Condition‘s Fearsick a pretty bad rap. And for cause. This 2022 record just serves as a weak offshoot of what Rat°God had in store for the Death Metal adepts about one year earlier. And I am aware of course that we shouldn’t dish out judgment on a line or two. But sometimes, things are so obvious, they can’t be denied.

Rat°God here thrives on the savoir-faire of one Terry Butler, late of Massacre. The man who found himself two very knowledgeable younger adepts of the Death Metal art. And by doing so, … [...] Click to raid more!