Video: Zornheym portray The Opposed!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Zornheym - The OpposedIt is not easy to secure the publication of a video around the RockmusicRaider office. But there are exceptions to the rule, as always. And one of those exceptions is the (kind of) new Swedish Symphonic Extreme Metal band Zornheym.

They created a somewhat gory and haunting video expression called The Opposed, telling a story of a possessed and violent inmate of a mental institution. This nicely follows their overall concept or storyline centering around the horrors of just such an establishment and its sorry occupants. 

Apart from a stellar mix of symphonic meets meaty metal, the video itself is of outstanding quality. I would specifically like to commend the very convincing contribution of Bendler, the band’s vocalist. 

The Opposed is their first single out of two so far. Great stuff, a band to be watched.

Ready for the onslaught? Here you go:

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