Newsflash: AfterTime bemoan a lost world!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Aftertime - World We've Lost - Album CoverHa! Looks like 2017 got off to a juicier symphonic start than I expected. A few watery sunrays hit us already late last year with a couple of Symphonic Metal players turning in some pretty sturdy material. Even some of the ‘established’ bands, have seen the light and kicked it up a couple of notches. But of course not nearly enough to counter the same-same, but different legion that likes to dominate the genre. So, luckily we have some exceptions.

Now, these guys state their influences to be Nightwish, Within Temptation, Epica and Leaves’ Eyes – amongst others. And you know what? Well, yes – and yes, spot on. This is exactly what AfterTime present in their upcoming new EP World We’ve Lost. And hey, they did the name-calling all by themselves, not me this time.

Now, don’t get me wrong: That they somehow sound like Epica that got a dose of Nightwish injected with some cinematic urges does not turn them into some sort of a tribute brand. Quite to the contrary: Whilst they do not necessarily explore new territory, their Symphonic Metal prowess impresses with a complex tune and a – by and large – pretty good execution.

I’d like to point out the striking vocal powers of Sarah Wolf that are very reminiscent of the big names out there. Add to that a load of rugged riffing, some pretty discreet growls and a trifle orchestral bombast sprinkled over the soundscape. And you got yourself a pretty tasty platter of Symphonic Metal that will be a pleasure to devour. Now, some of that very short blurb is still a bit rough around the edges, but if an EP is indeed a teaser of what’s to come next, then we can expect something really good.

Why not check out a sample?

The Rochester, MN based band formed in 2011 and produced a first EP The Fall of Light in 2016. World we’ve Lost is their sophomore effort.

AfterTime are:
Sarah Wolf – Vocals

Chris Radke – Guitar
Brad Sturgis – Guitar
Patton Hudella – Bass
AJ Blakesley – Drums

The record will release on 20 January 2017. Now where is that full length album?

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