The Banhammer strikes back!

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Sincere congratulations! You just found one of our rare outlawed articles. The band or subject matter of this post managed to enrage the usually peaceful RMR crew enough to let the banhammer strike and censure one of our own posts.

As you may imagine, we do not do this lightly. Such action usually happens if bands are found out to drift off into extremist realms, as in right-wing, left-wing, any fucking wing, or other religious disorders. Or, it can have to do with states and their idiot rulers that prompted us to enable such unholy actions.

And yes, Russia, I am currently looking straight at you!

This decision is final and there is no mechanism to mediate. If ever we deem the situation improved enough, we’ll consider to re-install the article in question.

Meanwhile, why don’t you check back to the RockmusicRaider Homepage? There’s a gazillion of different posts and articles to be had.