Newsflash: Eternal Oblivion for Moonlight Prophecy!

RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Moonlight Prophecy - Eternal Oblivion - Album Cover

Real metal lives and breathes guitars, both electric and acoustic. Together with stellar vocals, some steady, yet innovative drum work and – perhaps and only perhaps – some keyboards, you’ll get yourself a metalhead’s delight. Now, by this token, if you are up to a bit of insane shredding, here is a piece for you.

We talk about Lawrence Wallace (Shadows in the Crypt, Lawrence’s Creation) and his latest project Moonlight Prophecy. The project’s decidedly very short début EP Eternal Oblivion will get you living proof of outstanding and highly technical guitar musicianship.

The blurb delivers some thrash infused, speedy metal tune that for sure will make you pause and return for a fresh look. I have heard Yngwie Malmsteen mentioned in conjunction with this artist and would concur. However, there is a danger that the focus will be too much on the sound of the guitar and less on song structure and quality, which already becomes apparent in Eternal Oblivion, the title track. 

When this happens, the dominant party usually starts to showboat. So happened with Aephanemer and their lead guitar or Gone in April with the percussion. To mention just two of them. For both aforementioned bands the musicians are – same as Mr. Wallace – very talented, but fastidiously push their own specialty to the detriment of the rest.

That said, with an EP potentially being an indicator of things to come, the light definitely outshines the dark. The technical prowess on this self-released album is indeed astonishing and gets you this desire for more. The RMR crew is already looking forward to the full length that will surely follow in due course.

Eternal Oblivion released mid-April 2017. Enjoy!

Meantime, here is a taste:

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Label: Self-Released | Web: Official Site

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