The Beauty of Irony, by Guns Love Stories!

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The Progressive and Alternative Rock genres are well established. Almost too well at times, one might think. So, it is good to see new bands coming online with a few challenges for the established order. The vile elite, like.

Meet Guns Love Stories from Switzerland, straight from the shore of Lake of Lucerne. They unpacked their newest and sophomore full-length The Beauty of Irony in early 2016. And this somehow captivated our attention.

Guns Love Stories deliver a wild, chaotic and captivating, but still refreshing mix of a progressive, alternative, and psychedelic brand of rock. A style that is weirdly similar to some of the material Dirty sound Magnet delivered. Yet, some of their wares storm forward with a fury that usually is the playground of metal outfits. We also appreciated that grungy punk flavor that gets to the forefront sometimes.

On the downside, the band added way too many elements into some of the songs at times. And this turns some of their tracks into a cumbersome mess.

Guns Love Stories exist since 2011. The first album A Terrestrial Journey got released back in 2013, now followed by their newest concoction. In the meantime they played the Lucerne Festival a couple of times, leading them to some fame.

I really liked what I found. A band to be watched! 

So, without losing a beat, get a taste of The Beauty of Irony.

Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook
Release date: 8 April 2016

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