Newsflash – Swiss outfit Guns Love Stories go large in 2016!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Guns Love Stories - The Beauty of Irony - Album Cover You know, the Prog and Alt Rock genres are well established. Almost too well at times, you might think. So, it is good to see new bands coming on-line, cooking up some challenges for the established order.

Take that Leprous!

Meet Guns Love Stories joining us from Switzerland, straight from the shore of nice Lake of Lucerne. They just unpacked their newest and sophomore full length The Beauty of Irony this early 2016. Guns Love Stories deliver a wild, chaotic and captivating, but still refreshing mix of Progressive and Alternative laden tune. Some of that delivered with a fury that is usually reserved for metal outfits. And sometimes with a typical Swiss accent to boot.

On the downside, the band added way too many elements into some of the songs at times, which renders some of their tracks a bit cumbersome to listen to.

In other words, if you thought Zierler overdid it in ESC, then you need to reconsider that thought. But otherwise nothing really amiss with their style. ‘Cause this is way more intensive than others, albeit with less of a ‘fil rouge’ and more disorganized.  

Guns Loves Stories exist since 2011. The first album A Terrestrial Journey got released back in 2013, now followed by their newest concoction. In the meantime they played the Lucerne Festival a couple of times, leading them to some fame.

I really liked what I found. A band to be watched! 

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