Newsflash: Hallucinating with Creinium!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Creinium - Hallucinosis - Album CoverThe hell did I just listen to? If you would shoot bands like Moonspell up with a super-vitamin and then add five gallons of power drinks, this would about get you an idea of the relentless energy and multi-flavored style of the Finnish band Creinium. And all of that bundled-up power contained in their newest offering Hallucinosis, signed to Inverse Records

Creinium navigate at the very dark edge of the #metal abyss. And literally throw a very mixed bag of tracks at the audience. Definitely #metal, but presented in a raggle-taggle selection of styles, all torn asunder. You’ll find metal bits and pieces going Progressive, Symphonic, Death and for sure Dark Metal. Throw in some Industrial Metal and a heavy Gothic tinge and you should about get the drift.

Now, is this good or bad? Well, sometimes less may have been better. The pertinacious torrent of screams hitting your eardrums at no variation of tone or tonality quickly lead to saturation. This, combined with this total confusion of styles can even unhinge some acclaimed metalheads.

However, if you got the stamina to give Hallucinosis your time of day, you will uncover a treasure trove of #metal jewels presenting themselves over time. And by this I mean to listen intensely to some 65 minutes of #metal madness a few times. ‘Cause this is only way to unlock this one, no easy way out.

Ready for action? Donned your metal helmet and body armor? Go for it and hit the play button. If you are not an astute metalhead, give it a try, but no guarantees can be given if you emerge from the abyss unscathed. Or will you be hallucinating for a while? Enjoy!

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