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I recently searched for some real filthy metal. Something to soothe my tortured soul for a day or so. A metallic atrocity from the 12th circle of hell, something dirty and not from this side of purgatory.

Well, after a few hours of scouring the terrifying depths of the metal beast’s underbelly, I found … Sludge Metal. But mind you, this is not your usual, sticky fare of sludgy goodness that still exists where light pours in. Oh no, this is where darkness meets the demons from the underworld. And way more intense than even Heron or Oldblood could muster.

Yanomamö hail from Australia, the land of creepy critters and pretty stellar metal bands. Many of them on the extreme spectrum of the metal multiverse. In fact, their newest EP No Sympathy for a Rat is not ‘only’ sludge. But a friggin’ miasma1) of a devilishly tasty blackened Doom Sludge Metal river. Something so extreme it should dwell straight down there in the fiery pit where Black Metal usually resides.

Fast-paced at times2) or down to funeral levels, you get it all. But the creepiest element is the incessant, raspy howling of Scott Tabone. This is a straight-in-your-face doomy, downturned mess, one that wishes the poor rat all sorts of demises. At least from what I could discern from the lyrics, that is.

But fact of the matter is, this is Doom Sludge Metal from the extreme edge of that very specific universe. A short blurb of highly toxic, yet deliciously juicy Extreme Metal. One with an inexplicable but also undeniable groove to boot. And exactly what I looked for on that dreary afternoon haunted by storms and diluvial summer rains.

No Sympathy for a Rat is a record for the trve metal adept. A disturbing dose of incessant screams, thundering drum work, and truly downturned guitar riffs. Something for the tortured soul, but nothing for the non-initiated.

So, if extremes with a whiff of cvlt are your weakness, then open that door and step through it, right into the void that greedily awaits you. But if not, think twice before you enter. Curiosity can kill the cat, you know.

LabelIommium Records | Web: Facebook
Album Release: 7 August 2020


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