Video: Endarkenment, Anaal Nathrakh’s Orange Glowfest!

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The summer of 2020. Hot and humid, and somewhat malevolent in more ways than one. This is a year of extremes, from a friggin’, full-blown pandemic to a tendency of political strongmen to creep out of the woodwork a bit all over the place, we get it all. And now, the folks of Anaal Nathrakh decided to add a few very dark thoughts to that pile of sorrows, so that we can feel better, I guess. Through a pretty impressive video that we took a sinful liking to.

Does anybody remember the track Obscene as Cancer? You know, the terrifying and horribly intense second track of A New Kind of Horror, Anaal Nathrakh‘s 2018 short and somewhat spotty epic. But – boy – did I love that track. It hits you like a fucking baseball bat at full swing and lets your head swim in confusion.

Now, we thought this one difficult to top. But the band just released this new video called Endarkenment1). A raspy, out-of-control tribute to Fleshgod Apocalypse on steroids with clears, strangely mixed with the storytellers of Carach Angren. A true multi-layered piece of horror that sounds way too close to the Orwellian turns that 2020 already took. And we ain’t done yet with that year.

That’s blazing hot Extreme Metal with that clear-voice chorus that just threw me every time it roared out of our boomboxes. And it didn’t take long for someone to take up the ‘Drink Bleach’ metaphor, ain’t it? Pigs on a mission, bathed in a garish orange hue, with no pun intended, I am sure.

A truly dark and foreboding piece. But exceedingly well executed with those doom-ridden cartoons alternating with blurred shots of red hot band action.

So, let’s hope that the track Endarkenment is not an omen of sorts and the upcoming record will contain much more meat. But – hey – be your own judge and head over to the video. It gave us the shivers, it’s so spot on with today’s world. Enjoy!

LabelMetal Blade Records | Web: Facebook
Album Release: 4 August 2020


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