Noltem – Illusions in the Wake (2021) – Review

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RockmusicRaider - Noltem - Illusions in the Wake - Albume Cover

Some of the RMR crew like to visit exhibitions. Nothing sleazy nor infested with demonic distortions or styles for nerds only. Just plain art displayed in more or less astonishing splendor.

And sometimes you stand in front of one of these paintings and you wonder why you like the piece. Nothing on the offering really talks to you at first. Yet, something kinda speaks to your inner self. It’s a communication of sorts that you cannot control, and you actually don’t want to. A pleasant discourse that takes place despite yourself.

The same happens sometimes with records. You … [...] Click to raid more!

Norse – Ascetic (2021) – Review

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RockmusicRaider - Norse - Ascetic - Album Cover

I don’t know, is it the change of the season? Grey, cold, wet weather descends on a landscape that was vibrant and full of life earlier. Everything seems to be smothered in shades of grey to the point of depression. And this calls for a record that is equally bleak and grey, as RMR’s surroundings start to be. Something that talks to the howling soul inside, the one that seeks but doesn’t find that reprieve anymore, in a world of monochromatic colors.

Thus, Norse‘s new album Ascetic just felt like the remedy we were looking for. A … [...] Click to raid more!

Narbeleth – Svmma Cvm Nox Arcana (2021) – Review

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RockmusicRaider - Narbeleth - Svmma Cvm Nox Arcana - Album cover

It’s funny, I just listened to an age-old 1996 record of Astarte, the Greek (almost) all-girl Black Metal band,1) all over again. So, I was really fired up for some good, church-burning Scandinavian Black Metal. All lookouts manned, and gun crews ready to fire.

And sure enough, the folks from Narbeleth appeared on our search radar with a new album. We already had a short run-in with them on the excellent Indomitvs some time ago. Back then, the band’s Black Metal prowess truly made us listen up. Theirs is the real thing. A band with Cuban origins and … [...] Click to raid more!

Nightshadow – Strike Them Dead (2021) – Review

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RockmusicRaider - Nightshadow - Strike Them Dead - Album Cover

Yeeha! Here we go again.

It feels like we just covered the newest piece of Bewitcher with their idea of Speed Metal1) a few minutes ago. And now we are at it again. Only this time, all this metal goodness more feels like some rough-hewn crazy mix of overheated Power Metal and the speedier realms of Heavy Metal.

A piece that makes you want to strap on some body armor. Or – at least – makes you leap for that war axe that rusted away in the corner. Because goblins and monsters surely await somewhere.

Yep, we’re indeed … [...] Click to raid more!