Dirty Sound Magnet – Live Review – Rock Oz’Arènes 2018

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Dirty Sound Magnet - Rock Oz'Arènes - 2018

I now have seen Dirty Sound Magnet live twice. The first time around in 2014, promoting their flagship What Lies Behind. That was back in their old incarnation, a time when they sported Zep-fueled tunes on a bed of crunchy rock.

This time they got my attention right this week at the Rock Oz’Arènes festival in Avenches, the old Roman stronghold in Switzerland.

And boy did things change.

Gone are the musings from the past and in comes what the band calls Cryptic or Creative Rock. A mixture of Psychedelic and (very) Avantgarde Rock. Want proof of the pudding? Then try their latest album Western Lies from 2017. And truly, ’tis a potion not easily found on today’s modern music scene of pseudo-Latino-Pop and Electro-scented front-runners for the mean masses. 

Dirty Sound Magnet‘s performance at the pretty laid-back summer festival of Rock Oz’Arènes blew everything out of the water that day. No Calexico, Stereophonics and not even Texas got anywhere near to the oomph and projection power these local boys could muster.

Okay admitted, styles may be different and the old bands still draw a large crowd. But they don’t really produce anything new anymore and most don’t even try.

And that’s exactly the crux of the matter.

Playing a mix of old and new, the band around Stavros Dzodzos put the pedal to the metal, roaring out of the gate with a vengeance. Otherworldly riffs and solos squeezed out of a variety of guitars, outstanding and highly complex drum work, and a bass with a voice that clearly forms part of the tune. Not one locked in and to the point of becoming invisible. Add to that a real rock show with action rarely seen these days on stage this side of the metal multiverse. Real movement with real emotion blazing down on the fan crowd. 

Just comparing Dirty Sound Magnet‘s offering to the other bands on display at Avenches this fine evening, the difference was stunning. They really added lava to the rock on display.

Red hot, blazing lava.

I can only recommend to go and see them in concert, once you have a chance. You will not regret it.


Live Venue: Rock Oz’Arènes, Avenches / CH | Date: 16 Aug 2018
Label: Noisolution | Web: Official Site

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