Earthwomb – Becoming Immanence (2021) – Review

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RMR just enjoyed a modern-day Atmospheric Black Metal record. A brand of atmoblack without the smelly shrouds of the dreaded underground. Artfully filthy1), with soaring melodies, and a pint or two of sorrow. And, of course, all technically outstanding with nary a perfectly styled hair out of place.

Yet, there are times when a spiffy production isn’t what our dark souls crave. Instead, we yearn for that fearsome grime and grit. For evil incarnate in a tune that reaches us from the basement of the Dark Lord. Red hot blasts of madness that comfortably rumble across our stomachs, rattle that ol’ skeleton and rip at them poor molars somewhat fierce.

Thus, we’re glad that we found the Peruvians of Earthwomb. Becoming Immanence indeed rumbles off with a startling and poisonous intro that kinda iced our bones. And after some 30 seconds of Fractal Phenomenon, you’ll start checking your six if no monster is lurking there in the shadows. It’s as if a hellish horde of demons just invaded yer mighty realm and started the hunt for the human species. A malevolent posse that roars in on a hint of dissonance and a multilayered approach to Extreme Metal songsmithing.

In fact, you’ll get a full load of Scandinavian Black Metal that sails in on subtle waves of atmospherics. The otherwordly, burly riffing, the aggressive tremolos, and the angry dialogue of rasps and growls often end up in a wall of sound that mercilessly washes over you. That said, their short forays into a somewhat Blackened Death Metal territory with those delicious gurgles bring about a pretty snazzy counterweight. And that, without taking away from the withering assault that won’t cease until the bitter end.

Yet, there’s just enough melody in there to keep things interesting, and refreshingly underground at the same time. But this debut EP also often sounds like some measured slow-motion doomsday version of Anaal Nathrakh. One that suddenly found that 9th gate of hell. In other words, Becoming Immanence navigates way out there. Straight in those unholy and infected blackened swamps that not many metallic extremists venture into.

Tracks like the excellent Walkscapes almost reach Melodic Black Metal levels. With subtle shifts in rhythms, riffs, and some ambient action. And it indeed speaks to the maturity of the band that they introduced a lengthy instrumental in the midst of a short tracklist. Trespassing the Paragons of Consciousness presents a masterful jambalaya of weeping melodies and cathedral doomy passages without a wee rasp in earshot. All of the above keeps that unholy light of this primeval and dark record alive. And that, at a level of quality that won’t shy away from the comparison with truly big bands out there.

Ultimately though, Becoming Immanence sports an almost primeval vibe that permeates its hefty soundscape. It’s as though a truly unsavory entity would keen its terrible song from the dark shadows back in those menacing wildlands. A threat that will undoubtedly keep you on your toes throughout the decidedly short airtime. And this is how we fancy our Black Metal.

Another record that reaches us from a different mad mountain of sorts. Its message inscribed on a stellar slab of an epic and slightly cinematic piece of Atmoblack. Abrasive, raw, deliciously vile, and juicily dark. A record that will freeze your bones with that menace of some dire disaster. Or other cosmic terrors just around the corner. Take your pick.

Oh, and did we mention it? Becoming Immanence is now one of those rare EPs that garnered a full review. Well done, folks.

Ed’s note: Fancy more atmoblack? Try this.

Record Rating: 8/10 | Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook (band)
Release Date: 7 October 2021


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