Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side – Miles from Nowhere (2022) – Review

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Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side - Miles From Nowhere - Album Cover

The RMR deck crew can sometimes be more elitist than others in the reviewer’s blogosphere actually are. And that applies to the progressive and alternative spectrum of the rock and metal arena. For instance, RMR here was eternally daunted by the intricate patterns Arjen Lucassen’s Ayreon launched our way. His work will forever fascinate the occupants of our mighty office suite. Yet, his records are virtually impossible to review, he’s so much out there in outer progressive space.

Then, you got those juicy and irresistible pieces from Steven Wilson (when prog was still his thing) or again Caligula’s Horse that … [...] Click to raid more!

Corpus Diavolis – Apocatastase (2021) – Review

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RockmusicRaider review - Corpus Diavolis - Apocatastase - Album Cover

What else can you get out of France apart from great food and leisurely culture trips? ‘Xactly. Black Metal, lots of that. Already the French language presents itself well for satanic messaging, as Rotting Christ already aptly demonstrated1) years back. Then you got those reveling in the most recent massive church burning in France. Or – again – the ritualistic folks from Corpus Diavolis that RMR took a liking to already for their former piece of 2017.

Now, this band won’t necessarily invoke their daemons in French as others do. Instead, they speak in tongues, as the devil should, … [...] Click to raid more!

Iotunn – Access All Worlds (2021) – Review

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Iotunn - Access All Worlds - Album Cover

This is one of those records. You commence on them with no major expectations. But then, this thing starts to fascinate you. And you didn’t expect to waste quite so much time on its innards. But there you are, headphones glued to yer head despite yerself.

In other words, the reviewer’s mighty crystal ball usually won’t work out as expected.1) Because you’ll only find out what’s really in it, once you let ‘yet another metal piece’ roar out of your music machine.

And contrite RMR is also somewhat embarrassed. It took us way too long to finally pay some … [...] Click to raid more!

RMR’s 2021 Top 3 Videos and EPs!

RMR's Top 3 Videos & EPs 2021

It’s time for the second installment of the best videos and EPs awards on the RMR ‘zine. Our crew’s first attempt last year was a pretty snazzy success, so we’ll continue with that second major annual Top 3 list with a new installment. Now, whilst 2020 was a pretty fertile ground for shorter offerings, 2021 turned out to be a bit more frugal.

This was especially true for videos. Many of the clips we saw over those last 12 months were the typical band-in-action pieces. So, nothing to really write home about, they’re all kind of similar. Methinks that the … [...] Click to raid more!