7 Hints to get your Promo noticed for review!

RockmusicRaider Review - Montreux Jazz Festival 2015So, you have created your album, put it on your internet site and – nada. Next day? Still nada. And you start to quietly wonder how you could get help to let this ignorant world know that you just created this stellar material.

Well, review sites like RockmusicRaider are one of the venues you have to gain many more fans and supporters on this cold, cold internet thing. Usually offering more or less free, bona fide and also paid feedback on the stuff you produce. And this might – just might incite these readers to buy your tune and make you stinking rich. 

But how to get OUR attention?

For instance, at this moment I have large amounts of unread emails sitting in my in-box and looking at me. Plus messages quietly blinking their life energy away, waiting to be answered, wrecking my stats. But here I am with limited time, only two hands and a day job. You dig?  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!