Online Presence in Music Marketing. Crucial – or not?

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Underground bands are somewhat of a staple of the RMR ‘zine. Many are insanely talented but – for some reason – some of them decided to stay invisible. Or they chose to be more kvlt than trve kvlt allows. As in, only offer plastic cassettes on a frugal Bandcamp page, for instance. That usually goes hand-in-hand with an anemic presence on Social Media, or none at all. To add insult to injury, they usually won’t bother with a proper website. Because – you know – there already is that Bandcamp page.

And that’s quite enough to ensure that coveted online presence, right? Well, wrong, so wrong. So, what should be part of a proper online presence? Let’s explore some.

Statement: Social Media and a proper website are important tools!

Make or break important, that’s how. Believe it or not, but they will make your online presence strategy work and generate sales. All of these freemium apps and tools are your window to the world. A pathway to run cheap Music Marketing and total access to your fanbase through a few ubiquitous applications and platforms. Because – you see – running a band is a bit like managing a company. You need to keep those dollars rolling in or your mighty flagship will run aground faster than you can play a riff.

The good media doctors at RMR HQ have a few suggestions. And this might help you to grow your fanbase and let sales rocket right out of the sky and into space.

The value of Social Media!

First, maintaining a good presence on Social Media will be crucial in this day and age. And yes, I know it is a lot of work. But you have no choice, this is our brave new world. Albeit that you should probably limit yourself to a workable number of channels. If you overdo it, Social Media will take over your life. Because you’ll end up cruising your many media channels to maintain them. And maintain them, you must.

Social Media users like action. Most have very short attention spans and crave ever new stimuli. So, choose wisely. A few channels only, but well-maintained ones will get you a ton of attention and ultimately – sales. That’s a good online presence. But have a care, overstretching it will only lead to bad quality – and ultimately to burnouts and worse. And with that, I mean your burnout.

So, how many of them should you manage? More than one, that’s for sure. The rest depends on the kind of manpower you can muster. Because idle Social Networking accounts are poison, so you want to keep them alive and frequently furnished with new material.

And here it comes. Should you pay for the usage of these services? The short answer is, yes. You can always just use their free service, of course. But this strategy might not get you very far. The almighty algorithm will make sure of that.

You see, most services – Facebook,1) Google, Pinterest, etc. – make a living out of selling ads. You may hate that, but an appropriate marketing budget will help to get you views, clicks, and ultimately visibility. And those directly transform into sales. In other words, freemium means that you will have to pay the piper, even without a friggin’ subscription service. And that’s totally apart from the blatant theft of your data by those very same services. So, you’ll have to pay for the ‘service’, and then the piper will return and freely take yer data that’s not legally his. And if you don’t do that, you won’t get a ton of loving attention from them.

Sad, huh? But it’s a fact of life, too. Even if the metaverse activists over at Zuckerland want to make you believe otherwise. But, I digress.

Your very own Website, true Online Presence?

I heard it too many times already in my day job. “It’s just a page…” or “…I already got Facebook…” are only two frequently used excuses. And bad ones at that. Yet, time to invest in a proper band site will pay off in the end. It is truly Stupid Marketing not to have one these days.

And if you think that a Facebook page is just dandy as an ersatz webpage, think again. The folks over at Camp Zuckerberg don’t really care about you and will shut you down over minor trespasses. Or over policy changes, as simple as that. And then, where would that leave you?

After all, it’s an outlet that YOU own, and it has many potential uses. So, no, it’s not ‘just a page’. General information, concerts, band information, and – most importantly – sales of whatever you have on offer. That’s only a small selection of what you can actually do with that.

So, not having a site ain’t smart. We just encountered a band that only sports a FB page at the time of writing this blurb. In other words, 90% of all opportunities a properly managed online presence would bring to their table are lost to them.

Are Streaming Services viable for an Online Presence?

Definitely. You may hate them with a passion. But get over it. Your lone Bandcamp account won’t cut it. And I dearly love their services, even if I hate their pretty arrogant approach to business and the way they pay bands. Look at them as giant music databases and the access this gets you. Because you have no choice but to use them if a proper online presence is something you value.

So, get with those services like Spotify, Deezer, Apple, or Amazon. Make an effort and get your music out there. Streamers like the aforementioned Spotify will only pay you peanuts, true. But others like Amazon or Apple will also sell your music for ye. And that’s an opportunity that you definitely should not miss.

To conclude

Now, let’s be clear. Fanbase sales are not the only considerations why outfits should maintain a great online presence. For webzines like RMR, well-connected webtools will make it much easier to provide that snazzy review.

Social media, a decent website, the presence on streaming and sales platforms, all of that will help us to garnish our reviews with accurate and up-to-date information. In other words, whilst your fans will remain your main customers, those entities supplying free marketing for ye are equally important.

So, don’t be a stranger and maintain a proper online presence. Great Music Marketing will only be to your advantage.


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