RMR’s 2022 Top 3 Videos and EPs!

RMR's Top 3 Videos and EPs 2022

There definitely was a lack of good EP and video material in 2022. And this spells difficult times for any Top 3 in a year as malevolent as 2022. As clips go, much of the material we found was either just bands hacking away at their axes somewhere in the boonies or some miscellaneous ruin. Or – failing that – the material sported questionable cinematography. And that, combined with often pretty boring soundtracks attached to the moving pictures, made us discard most of them. Until some truly delicious pieces hit us. And isn’t it remarkable that two of them come … [...] Click to raid more!

RMR’s 2022 Top 10 Records

RMR's 2022 Top 10 Records

2022 was a weird one. The year, as we all know, has been one of the darkest yet in recent history. And it shows in a fair number of excellent pitch-black records that hit our shores. On the other hand, many a prog outfit sent in pretty spectacular wares that only sailed past a famed 10/10 by a very slight margin. Even a significant number of snazzy Heavy and Power Metal records showed up at our imaginary doorstep, and for cause.

Some old masters resurfaced from their hidey holes and showed their still significant savoir-faire. Whereas some young guns came … [...] Click to raid more!

Elf Queen – Requiem (2022) – Review

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Elf Queen - Requiem - Album Cover

The RMR crew gets a ton of well-crafted records delivered to its virtual doorsteps. Excellent material that we need to sift through and make painful decisions about what to cover and what not. And sometimes they’re not the right choices. But what can you do, right?

Now, to complicate matters, in this day and age, you can start making music and market it to large audiences with virtually no equipment, skill, or outside assistance. And nobody’s here to vet the material or to – at least – try to correct the worst sins and instincts on stark display. But believe … [...] Click to raid more!