Fallujah – Empyrean (2022) – Review

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Fallujah - Empyrean - Album Cover

Household names and the vile mainstream. Bands that are seemingly known by everybody beyond their (un)usually vast fan multiverse. And – at times – it appears that they’re everywhere. Even if only a minor percentage of the music-producing masses will qualify.

Now, the metal world is a tad more restrained, but you got them as well. And the Bay Area folks of Fallujah are one of them. At least in Extreme Metal circles, they are. And even if you never listened to any one of their concoctions, you surely heard their name mentioned over and over again.

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Vermilia – Ruska (2022) – Review

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Vermilia - Ruska - Album Cover

The Pagan World of Metallics is vast. You get all sorts of street performers with scant knowledge of the good ol’ times when Gaia’s forces were – supposedly – in charge. Often they wear strange rags, holler incomprehensive screechy monologues, and stomp weirdly around the stage.

In their defense, there’s little scientific wisdom available to back things up. And even that is often clouded by the mists of time to boot. Modern-day sages just don’t have enough data to go by, even if considerable progress has been made over the last few years. So, much is open to sometimes wild … [...] Click to raid more!

And Now The Owls Are Smiling – Epitaph (2022) – Review

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And Now The Owls Are Smiling - Epitaph - Album Cover

I won’t hide it from you. The RMR crew had severe issues with some parts of atmospheric doom, blackened or not. Specifically with bands that wasted our time with useless shenanigans that add zero value to the overall offering. And these still get our mutual blood boiling all over again – even after all that time.1) So, we kept our ears out of that particularly odd corner of the extreme metal multiverse for a while. Because somehow, this ‘thing’ almost always collided with good metal craftsmanship so far.

So, should we poke this particular bear all over again? I … [...] Click to raid more!