Septicflesh – Modern Primitive (2022) – Review

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I said it before when we covered their ominous clip Hierophant a few months earlier. For some undefined reason, the old metal warriors of Septicflesh never quite made it onto the RMR review pipe. It’s not that their brand is bad Extreme Metal. It’s just inexplicable, and perhaps it’s also the awful stench of the mainstream that held the RMR reviewers back. Also, in today’s world of metallic abundance, one has the tendency to take freely from the bottomless underground. And – sometimes – we forget that even established bands still produce decent metal, too. And that’s a fact.

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Septicflesh presents the Hierophant!

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Septicflesh - Hierophant - Video Cover

For some reason, the long-standing extreme metallists of Septicflesh never made it onto the RMR ‘zine. To find the reason for that decidedly unhappy development is difficult to discern. Not underground enough with the smell of the mainstream all over them, communication issues, problems with the label1), the reasons can be legion. And we have no real answer.

But as is often the case, bands suddenly appear on our radar through some moving pictures. And this time, Hierophant – the band’s latest clip – got ahold of our limited attention span. Ripped straight from their upcoming record Modern [...] Click to raid more!

Dark Portrait – A Harrowing Atrocity (2016) – Review

RockmusicRaider Review - Dark Portrait - A Harrowing Atrocity - Album CoverWe kind of felt that this may turn out to be the unholy year of Black Metal. And – indeed – it proved black in more ways than one. Like the fucking 50 shades of gray gone very dark and blood-laden all of a sudden.

We enjoyed Ritual Black Metal from the likes of Darkend. Loads of Atmospheric stuff coming our way too, which seems to be the new, sometimes almost sanitized blackened style of the day. Played a lot by dudes without corpse paint.

And now Greek fire starts to get on our mutual radar screen.

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