Septicflesh presents the Hierophant!

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For some reason, the long-standing extreme metallists of Septicflesh never made it onto the RMR ‘zine. To find the reason for that decidedly unhappy development is difficult to discern. Not underground enough with the smell of the mainstream all over them, communication issues, problems with the label1), the reasons can be legion. And we have no real answer.

But as is often the case, bands suddenly appear on our radar through some moving pictures. And this time, Hierophant – the band’s latest clip – got ahold of our limited attention span. Ripped straight from their upcoming record Modern Primitive.

The track itself sports those dramatic sounds reminiscent of Rotting Christ at its best. Pounding beats, menacing strings straight out of The Omen, chugging riffs and rough growls galore. Albeit all of that remains a bit on the simplistic side of things. An invocation of sorts that’s already pretty juicy in itself.

But the moving pictures deliciously upped the menace with a level of weirdness that gets near to what Cellar Darling did last year. Of course, in deed only and not in style which is utterly different. Often the over-performing band kinda collides with the action. Yet here, the filmmakers truly managed to merge the band’s shenanigans with the pseudo-Egyptian theme on display. There’s no blood on display, no gruesome scenes visible, just that underlying feeling of a miscellaneous threat. That sense of danger brought about by ancient rituals that should better remain untouched. With the ominous ‘or else’ attached to it.

In short, Hierophant turned out to be one of the first surprises of early 2022. Great clip, and let’s hope that the upcoming record will follow in the same vein.

Ed’s note: Congrats, the piece made it onto the 2022 Top 3 Videos and EPs!

LabelNuclear Blast Records | Web: Official Band Site
Release Date: 4 March 2022


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