RMR’s 2022 Top 10 Records

RMR's 2022 Top 10 Records

2022 was a weird one. The year, as we all know, has been one of the darkest yet in recent history. And it shows in a fair number of excellent pitch-black records that hit our shores. On the other hand, many a prog outfit sent in pretty spectacular wares that only sailed past a famed 10/10 by a very slight margin. Even a significant number of snazzy Heavy and Power Metal records showed up at our imaginary doorstep, and for cause.

Some old masters resurfaced from their hidey holes and showed their still significant savoir-faire. Whereas some young guns came … [...] Click to raid more!

Malevolent 2022: Extreme Metal during a difficult year!

Malevolent Year 2022 - Zombie hands on dark beach

Once Covid starts moving on, 2022 should turn out to be great. Well, that’s what the ever-optimistic crew over here honestly thought. But nope, we were so wrong! To the contrary and as the saying goes, if it can get worse, it will. And it did on a few fronts. Geopolitical issues galore, new wars, shaky economies all over the globe, a felt gazillion of tyrants emerging, it didn’t look that good over the last 12 months. And all of that will continue into next year, so don’t get your hopes up.

All those terrors definitely impacted the delivery of … [...] Click to raid more!

Kampfar – Til Klovers Takt (2022) – Review

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Kampfar - Til Klovers Takt - Album Cover

Kampfar‘s raw power already hit us like dark lightning back in 2019 when Ofidians Manifest appeared at our doorstep. It’s difficult to describe but there seemed to be some cosmic juice behind that sort of proto Black Metal. And besides, this band is one of the age-old BM outfits that survived all those tribulations that befell other biggies in the genre. And I guess, it’s their authenticity and starkly barebone approach to their craft that continuously garners them kudos after all these years.

So, at the time of the release of Til Klovers Takt, we wondered how in … [...] Click to raid more!

Dødsferd release Skotos. Feel that grind!

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A little while ago we covered a pretty severe thunderclap of the blackened kind. But this one was almost – too ‘modern’, even if it got pretty high praise from this team. So, we started yearning for more of that Scandinavian flavor, the old-school vibes Black Metal so comfortably brings to yer tortured metal soul.

Good that we found Dødsferd‘s very short blurb Skotos that prominently flashed its beacon on our review pipe. And if an EP really is a promise of what is to come in the future1), then this should be it. Their brand of … [...] Click to raid more!