Denigrate – Blackguard (2022) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Denigrate - Blackguard - Album Cover

It does happen, you know. Suddenly the red alert roars off, lights flashing, and all hands on deck. Because something hit the review pipe with full force. An unforeseen record just breached this slow-moving morass and caused some of that sump to wobble dangerously with an unseemly speedy rush to the top of the list by – something. That’s usually illegal over here, but what can you do, right? If urgency takes over, then this can’t be helped. And Denigrate just accomplished that rare feat. Rules broken, egos hurt, and the RMR crew in total discomfiture? It happens, sometimes. But … [...] Click to raid more!

10 Most Popular Posts @ RMR – Edition I

RockmusicRaider - Most Popular Posts

Howdy fans and friends!

It is time again to take stock of sounds discovered and bands unearthed. But for the first time from an angle of the posts themselves and how they rated with you, the readers. The RockmusicRaider officescape would, of course, like to think that the likes and shares are a result of masterful penmanship.

But, hey, dream on. The written word is one of the vectors to get to the most popular posts, of course. But it is the musicians that really delivered their music with their hearts’ blood and essence of their mutual souls. And this [...] Click to raid more!

RMR’s 2015 Top 10 Records

RockmusicRaider Review - Amalie Bruun - Guitar

The first full year for RMR went by and a great many records were reviewed. A wild ride it was and still is, with challenges galore, some overcome and some still lurking nearby. This list covers records that got released in 2015. And who would have thought that the black section of metal would be getting such attention during this year? Certainly not me. I am looking forward to an even more eventful 2016 and the pipeline does look pretty much filled already – but this is only the beginning.

Let’s begin.

#10 – Finsterforst – Mach Dich Frei

RockmusicRaider Review - Finsterforst - Mach dich Frei - Album Cover

Talk … [...] Click to raid more!

Denigrate – Hollowpoint (2015) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Denigrate - Hollowpoint - Album Cover

Soft music playing and a voice goes: In times past there lived a king and queen of the Ancient Metal Kingdom who said to each other every day of their lives: “If only we had a metal child!”.

And yet, they had none. One day, the queen was bathing and an ugly frog with a Motörhead tattoo came out of the water, leered at her, and said drooling: “Thy wish shall be fulfilled. If you kiss and cuddle me, oh succulent one, thou shalt witness my transformation and get a child.”

She did, and SMACK BOOM there it was. Denigrate from Finland just reincarnated [...] Click to raid more!