Newsflash: A Morte Ad Mortem by Gort!

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It indeed looks like Italy will be up top for Black Metal these days of early fall 2017. RMR just covered the New Age Black Metal outfit Parodos. A band that does not fit the Norwegian definition of this genre at all. Yet the outfit still gets you an interesting mix of styles that includes at least some spiked fisting. And they managed to keep enough of our deck crew’s interest to get them a review.

But sometimes you crave the real thing. Trve Black Metal played in the dungeon with THE GOAT watching you from the wall. Way down there, where the mainstream never looks and others don’t venture.

To understand where this is going, take Darkend, for instance. You know, the ritual specialists. And then head down those dark stairs for another two stories. Right into the abyss where the heat grows unbearable.

And this is where you will meet Gort and their newest EP A Morte Ad Mortem. The record serves a mighty slice of traditional Black Metal. Yet, spiced up with some really impressive riffs and a kind of subdued melodic twist. As you move down the very short tracklist, things improve in quality. With The Last Flight of the Crow getting the prize.

If only they would have worked on the rampant compression a little better, things would be so much better. As it stands today, some parts are sometimes a bit wobbly, with the drums overwhelming the rest. 

The band looks back onto a pretty illustrious underground career of some 15 years of service already. In fact, they sport an impressive list of EPs and LPs to date that allowed them to carve out a space in the Italian Black Metal scene. And incidentally, Gort will play with the aforementioned Parodos and Darkend in the Cult of Parthenope Black Metal Fest in Napoli beginning of November 2017. Point made, I guess.

A Morte Ad Mortem really lets you remember how Black Metal from back in time ought to sound. Without any of the modern decorations and meanderings. Barebone, harsh – and just plain good. 

Now, slap on some corpse paint and fire ‘er up. You won’t regret it.

Ed’s note: RMR just covered Gort’s new full-length record. Hit it!

Label: Niger Lupus Productions | Web: Facebook
Release date: 4 November 2017

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