Newsflash: AntimateriA ramps up the Amps!

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Weren’t we just about done with Black Metal for 2016? I mean, with all the good stuff that already came our way, there could not be more, right?


The Norns at the roots of Yggdrasil were just laughing at me again and made another plan. By Loki! AntimateriA is the name of the plan. And their new album Valo Aikojen Takaa is Thor’s Hammer so to speak. And the band brings pretty sturdy and seldom seen metal oomph to the party. 

So that is why Valo Aikojen Takaa made it onto the blog out of nowhere?

Indeed! And it is ice-cold metal that comes down from the frozen wastelands of the Finnish tundra. Being a metalhead you surely fancy (or at least heard of) Black Metal concoctions from Caladan Brood and Summoning, in all their synthie-laden glory, drum machine included. Now, combine these two, pump up the amps like Totengeflüster, add some major hot riffing, acoustics and stellar rasps. Then stir all this into your metal bloody mary and mix well. Serve in pitch-black iced glasses.

And what will it be?

You’ll get a frozen shot of traditional, but cosmically atmospheric, yet very meaty Black Metal brew that will not let you go until you listen to all of it. All in Finnish language, mind you. So, if you do not dig the language, break out your dictionary. 

I specifically liked the synthie elements and acoustics on this album. Just at the right levels of spice to the traditional Black Metal parts.

All in all a pretty stellar magic potion. So good that I just can’t turn it off. You should try some too.

Have a taste: 


LabelPurity Through Fire Records | Web: Facebook

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